Fall Semester Begins Saturday, September 6, 2014

See you then!

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Welcome August 2014 ITCs!

This week we welcomed Kathryn, Grace, Megan and Veronica to the Instructor Training Course at High Hopes.  They will spend the next few months training to become PATH Intl. certified instructors.  High Hopes offers training for certification twice annually, in January and in August.  For more information about the ITC program visit http://highhopestr.org/learn/certifications/itc/.



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High Hopes Open Barn Day, 40th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Meeting Sunday, October 19, 2014

Invite your friends and family to come to High Hopes on Sunday, Oct. 19th between 11am and 1pm to tour the barn, meet members of our herd of 27 horses and learn about one of the premier therapeutic riding centers in the country.   Also from 11am to 1pm we’ll hold a 40th anniversary pot luck celebration.  Both will be followed by the 40th Annual Meeting which will include a brief business review, election of new Board of Trustee members, a demonstration honoring our participants, and annual award announcements.  There will be a reception immediately following the meeting.

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Lyme Hunter Pace at Lord Creek Farm

Sunday, September 21, 2014 Rain or Shine

Come and enjoy the trails at Lord Creek Farm.  A Hunter Pace is a low key competitive event derived from foxhunting. Teams of two or three riders follow a marked and timed course up to 9 miles to include 2-3’ jumps; riders may go over OR around all fences. Teams follow a course over terrain which is meant to stimulate that of a foxhunt-requiring a mixture of gaits that a foxhunter would typically utilize.

Riders will have a choice of competing in one of two divisions: Hunter (a faster pace designed to imitate that of a fox hunt for experienced riders) and Hilltopper (a more leisurely pace than Hunter-about 25% slower, for the novice rider and/or horse).

The Lyme Hunter Pace prides itself on offering a low-key atmosphere for riders to learn and practice their skills in a competitive and supportive environment. Come enjoy the spectacular views of the Connecticut River Valley from Lord Creek Farms.

CHECKPOINT:  Riders must check in for a mandatory 3 minute hold at the half-way mark.

Don’t forget to enjoy a chili lunch before or after your ride!  Provided by our local Connecticut Valley Pony Club.

Proceeds to benefit:

  • Lyme Trail Association
  • High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Inc.
  • Connecticut Valley Pony Club

Click here for the 2014 Hunter Pace Entry Form Mailer

You can also contact Sarah Carlson at scarlson@highhopestr.org for more information or for questions.

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Let’s Play! New Article by HH Staff Members Laura Moya and Sarah Carlson.

Read PLAYTIME the Value of Unmounted Games written by High Hopes staff members Laura Moya and Sarah Carlson.  It appears in the latest edition of STRIDES, the PATH Intl. quarterly magazine.

PLAYTIME the Value of Unmounted Games


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Feeding Volunteers Needed!

The High Hopes Herd is seeking feeders to join our Sunday AM, Tuesday AM and Wednesday AM teams. Morning feedings are from 8-10 am. If you are interested in trying a new role or looking for a way to get in more horse time, contact Courtney at cbernard@highhopestr.org. We provide training

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Updated Sub Needs

Click here for updated volunteer sub needs.  Please contact the volunteer team to sign up.  Thank you for lending a hand this semester!

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A Saturday at High Hopes

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Equine Specialist Workshop


May 8-11, 2014

A three-day workshop offered to equine professionals and therapeutic riding in-structors who work or would like to work with students with mental health and/or learning issues.


Learn more


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Nutrena Club Support Program

High Hopes is participating in the Nutrena Club Support Program and we welcome your help! Nutrena will make a donation to High Hopes for each proof of purchase. Buy Nutrena products, save the proofs of purchase and put them in a safe place. When you get a pile together, bring or mail them to Holly Sundmacker, Equine Operations Director, High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, 36 Town Woods Road, Old Lyme, CT 06371.

If you don’t buy Nutrena horse feeds, but know someone that does, please tell them about our program and ask them to participate!

Qualifying proofs of purchase for the Nutrena Club Support Program:

  • All Nutrena Feeds labeled grain products and Pro-Premium, River Run and Nutrena Pet Foods are eligible for redemption. Birdseed does not qualify.
  • The only acceptable proofs of purchase for grain products are the sewn-on tags that include the product description. See the photo above for the location of the tag.
  • The only acceptable proofs of purchase from the pet foods are the UPC labels from the bags.

Eligible Nutrena® Products

  • Life Design®, Vitality®, Legacy®
  • Safe Choice®, LiteBalance®, XTN™
  • Empower™
  • Triumph® Horse Feeds
  • Horse Kwik®, NW Stretch Hay
  • Extender®
  • Naturewise™ Farmstore Feeds
  • Cargill™ Milk Plus
  • Dairyway™ / Dairy Focus Feeds
  • All Other Nutrena® Grain Products
  • Loyall ™ Pet Food 20
  • River Run® Dog Food
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