Happy New Year! Riley, Fanny, Lauren and YOU making great strides together . . .


Happy New Year to all our friends and family of High Hopes.  Thank you for embracing our mission with the hope of building a great year ahead.   Let us introduce you to the essence of our mission and appeal.

Meet Riley . . .  She is a sweet and funny fifteen-year-old who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  By participating in therapeutic riding activities, Riley develops life skills that help her and her family meet ASD hurdles they encounter daily.    

Meet Fanny . . .  “I Love You, Fanny” says Riley.  Fanny is one of the reasons Riley is able to say those four words.  It’s Fanny’s gentle disposition and the soothing motion of her gait that give Riley confidence and make her feel safe enough to practice and develop her verbal communication skills.  The human-horse bond is at the core of our Equine therapy and is what makes therapeutic riding so effective.    

Meet Lauren . . .  As the instructor, Lauren facilitates Riley’s interaction with Fanny and leads them to achieve their established therapeutic goals.  Our goal has been to increase Riley’s ability to communicate verbally, like being able to say, ” I Love You, Fanny”.

And YOU! . . .  We need you on the team.  It’s because of supporters like you that Riley, Fanny and Lauren have been able to achieve positive benefits as it takes over 31,000 volunteer hours to sustain our programs and facility for one year.  Our 680 amazing volunteers do it all and it is your contributions that truly make it all happen.  Your donations directly benefit participants like Riley because 80% of every dollar donated supports our program services and facilities–and, provides financial aid for those who can not afford therapeutic riding lessons.                                                                     

Thank you for embracing our mission in 2017. 

To make a donation today, go to www.highhopestr.org/give.

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