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On-site Workshop and Certification


For those who cannot devote 10-12 weeks (which does include flexibility during the practicum phase) at one time to becoming a certified instructor via the Instructor Training Course (ITC), PATH Intl. offers a self-directed alternative.  Candidates complete a multi-step educational process consisting of two phases. In order to achieve Registered Instructor Status both Phase One and Phase Two must be completed successfully.

OSWC Phase One

Phase One is self-paced, completed from home as an independent study program.

Components include on-line courses and several exams including:

PATH Int’l Center Accreditation Training on-line course

PATH Int’l Instructor Self-Study on-line course

Registered Instructor Open Book Exam

Completion of 25 teaching hours under the guidance or direct supervision of a PATH Int’l Certified Instructor

OSWC Phase Two

June 14-17, 2017 and November 2017

Phase Two is the on-site teaching phase of the certification process.

Application deadlines:

May 2, 2017 for June 2017

October 2017 for November 2017.

OSWC Phase Two

Those who successfully complete Phase One apply to High Hopes to attend a multi-day workshop and certification.

Here you will use the knowledge gained in Phase One while obtaining hands-on experience teaching therapeutic riding.

A two and a half day educational workshop with hands-on learning is required prior to the final step of certification.

This phase culminates in the On-Site Certification in which candidates demonstrate their riding ability and instruction to a class of at least two students with disabilities.



Phase One is managed by the PATH Int’l office & requires a maximum six-month time frame to complete.

To register for the Phase Two workshop and/or certification, please complete the information requested in this form, and send it together with the required fee AND a copy of your Confirmation of Instructor-In-Training status letter from PATH Intl. to:

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc.
36 Town Woods Road,  Old Lyme, CT 06371

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Other Services

Professional Enrichment

High Hopes provides a wide range of professional enrichment opportunities in 2017 from Therapy Horse Workshop, Sensory Integration & Autism Workshop to Equine Therapy Workshops.  Additionally, we provide consulting services in the field of Equine Therapy and Nonprofit Business & Administration management.

Certification on Demand

Need more flexibility for your certification date? Need to re-certify? High Hopes is proud to announce “Certification on Demand.”


Instructor Training Course (ITC)

Attend and successfully complete a PATH Int’l Approved Training Course (ATC) on-site at a PATH Int’l-approved training center such as High Hopes.