2016 Winter Lecture Series

Lectures are designed for the equine professional interested in therapeutic riding, therapeutic riding Instructors-In-Training, and currently certified instructors looking for advancement and continuing education hours.



Study at a Premier Accredited Center


Learn from Master and Advanced Certified PATH Intl. Instructors


Prepare for an upcoming certification


Further your career through professional development


Advance the skills of staff at your center



Grow and expand your center’s programs, fundraising and development



February 8-9, 2016

Join us for a Business, Administration & Fundraising workshop.

Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the Business, Fundraising and Administrative needs of a nonprofit organization.  Seminar topics will be tailored to meet the needs of the group but will include strategic planning, evaluating Boardroom performance, and fundraising essentials.

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01/14/16 - Anatomy of the Rider

Carolyn Jagielski, Physical Therapist, PATH Intl. Registered Instructor. This in- troductory lecture will discuss postural alignment and corrections, medical terminology and movement analysis, and look at tack and equipment as they relate to posture. Observation of a mounted session will be included.

01/15/16 - Growth and Development

Carolyn Jagielski, Physical Therapist, PATH Intl. Registered Instructor. Fo- cusing specifically on human growth and development, this lecture will feature human movement analysis and pos- tural alignment and corrections, followed by a discussion of exercises, tack and equipment and tack fitting.

01/16/16 - Volunteer Management

Megan Ellis, High Hopes Volunteer Manager and Advanced PATH Intl. In- structor and Carrina Echeandia, High Hopes Volunteer Coordinator and PATH Intl. Instructor. A discussion of how to build a successful volunteer program will include applying the PATH Intl. standards to volunteer recruitment, paperwork, training, retention methods and emergency procedures. This full day session will include opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas to enhance your volunteer program.

1/21/16 - Physical Disabilities

Neurological Impairments / Orthopedic Impairments: Carolyn Jagielski, Physical Therapist and PATH Intl. Registered Instructor. This lecture will provide an overview of physical disabilities and teaching considerations.

01/23/16 - The Effective Instructor

Kitty Stalsburg, High Hopes Executive Director, PATH Intl. Master Instructor & Liz Adams, High Hopes Program Director, PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor and Interactive Vaulting Instructor. Techniques of effective instructing will be discussed, including teaching strategies, lesson planning and task analysis, and discussion of PATH Intl. standards and guidelines.

01/28/16 & 2/5/16- The Therapy Horse, Parts 1 & 2

Holly Sundmacker, High Hopes Equine Operations Director & Lauren Fitzgerald, High Hopes Lesson Manager, PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor, Certified Driving Instructor. These two sessions will cover key aspects of the management of a therapy horse herd, including selection, evaluation, training, handling and general herd management.

01/29/16 & 1/30/16 - Cognitive and Psychosocial Impairments Parts 1 & 2:

Barbara Abrams, PhD.,LPC, Expres- sive Arts Therapist and PATH Intl. Registered Instructor and Laura Moya, PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor, lead this two day lecture will review cognitive disabilities and discuss teaching considerations, competencies, role playing, games and activities

02/4/16 - Facility, Standards and Risk Management (1/2 day)

Kitty Stalsburg, High Hopes Executive Director, PATH Intl. Master Instructor. This lecture reviews PATH Intl. standards with an emphasis on risk management as well as facility needs.


$65 per lecture • $175 Any 3 lectures • $350 Any 6 lectures

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