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Change is in the air

April is the time to look across the fence and see whether the grass is already growing in the next door paddock. It’s time for spring flowers and new experiences. For three of our best, change is in the air – Patti Coyle, Sarah Carlson & Amy Tripson.

It is with hugely mixed emotions that High Hopes announces the retirement of Patti Coyle, Training & Education Director since 2013 and a (very) active member of the national PATH Intl. Board. Patti has been both an innovator and a steady pair of hands; bringing to High Hopes the passion of a life-long horsewoman, the vocation of a teacher and mentor, and the business experience of a career in banking. She has developed High Hopes into a world-respected training & education asset for the therapeutic riding industry and has transferred her enthusiasm and knowledge to participants, families and many Instructor Candidates over the years.

Sarah Carlson will officially take over from Patti on July 1, 2019.  “Sarah and I have been working towards this transition for the past 18 months and I am excited about all she has learned and the passion she consistently demonstrates for training and education. I am so pleased for Sarah and High Hopes as I know I will leave them all in very capable hands”.

Read more about Patti HERE and Sarah HERE.

Amy Tripson, on the other hand, is traveling far!

Read about Amy’s wonderful story of H.O.P.E. in Beijing here


High Hopes is currently advertising for a new Volunteer Manager HERE. However, in the meantime, Marie, supported by the rest of the program team, will be on hand to answer your questions and provide the smoothest possible transition for our volunteers.

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