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Getting ready for a career in Therapeutic Horsemanship

There are many different ways to get started in a career in Therapeutic Riding, and many different ways to achieve certification. This PATH Intl. the roadmap below will show you the current process.

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High Hopes’ Training & Education team can help you navigate the roadmap and succeed at every step of your journey. We have the skills, experience, and facilities to give you the best possible start in this highly rewarding career. We train students from across the States and across the globe with students from as far away as Australia, Korea, Japan, South America, and Europe.

If you are starting from scratch, consider our PATH Intl. Approved Training Course – this will give you all of the education, practicum, and mentored teaching hours that you will need. Courses start twice a year, September and January.

If you are ready for the certification, consider the Onsite Workshop and Certification process.

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