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Holiday Market Door Prize Winners 2017

Thank you to all our fantastic vendors

who donated door prizes at yesterday’s Holiday Market. The following is a list of names who won prizes but were not there to collect them. If you are among them, and have not done so already, please call Karena Garrity 860.434.1974 x 119 and arrange to collect your prize, or email here with a call back number and we will get in touch with you.
We would be grateful if you could collect your prize by Monday, November 20th
Apologies in advance if any names are spelled incorrectly.
Kristen & Alex Alexandra
Wendy Andrews
Amy Bosco
Kate Caldarolla
Kathy Curran
Robin Cusano
Jessica & Phill Dills
Sandy Divincenzo
Kristen Dixon
Emma Fanelli
Robin Forsberg
Michelle Frawley
Teresa Frazier
Laura Gagna
Cheryl Gervais
Joyce & Jim Grabigel
Allison Grandin
Lauren Hoschild
Megan Jeffries
Lorrie King
Sue Moutta
Noah (mom Carrie)
Maria Muniz
Wendy Miller
Mary Louise Polo
Todd Rake
Amy Rice
Lisa Royce
Jennifer Slanoc
Gail Smith
Jessica Southwick
Teresa Swank
Gia Sweeney
Greg Varga
Paula Taylor
Karen Wall
Jess Warner

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