Summer’s Story

Summer’s Story sent to us by Mallory Ahern


My name is Mallory Ahern and I’m the owner of East View’s Summer aka Summer.

I have owned Summer for 5 amazing years. Summer is a registered Clydesdale Mare, born on June 20th 2001 at a Clydesdale breeding farm in Huntington Indiana. Her Sire was M18059 Grandview Sir Hammer and her Dam was Dairy Lands Belle. Summer is 16.5 Hands and weighs approximately 1600lbs. She has a white face and black mane with four white socks and a black docked tail.

Summer was a brood mare for a couple years and had her first foal in February 19, 2005; a filly called F22474 Summer’s Diamond Dream. Then in April 06, 2007 she had a colt who was named River’s Edge Bodacious First-N-Line. Summer’s last foal was born on January 16, 2009; another filly called F24998 River’s Edge Bodacious Ice Princess.

After Summer’s breeding days were over she went up for sale. My Mom had seen the advert and went to see her without me. I did not even know anything about her. One day after school I was picked up by my Mom, and she brought me out to the barn. She brought me up to the stall and said “you have her on a trial basis but if you like her she is yours.”

At first Summer and I did not really hit it off. Summer had a hard time adjusting to the barn, but with the help of Heather Navarrete trainer at Treasure Hill Farm and Rob Boyle a Horse Trainer/ PTSD trauma councilor I was shaped into the rider I am, and they helped me build such a strong relationship with my horse.

One of the biggest reasons I ride is because I have Autism and it helps me release the negative energy I have. It also helps me with my emotional and mental health. When I ride Summer I am able to leave my baggage and stressors at the door of the arena and live in the moment. Summer and I have a great relationship; some days can be difficult; she has the sassiest personality of any horse that I have ever owned. But she also has a personality where you can tell what she is thinking.

I could get treats and put them in my pocket and she would know exactly how many are there. I would give her a treat when she was done with riding and then for each of her stretches. If I forget a stretch she would know and would do it to be able to get that last treat.

I uses Summer to help me with my Autism and my PTSD, but most of all my learning disabilities. I am able to record my lectures in school and play them when I am riding, and memorize the curriculum to be able to pass my tests in school.

When I was testing in high school I could not figure out how to study. One day I played my class lecture when I went riding; I was not able to listen to it after riding because I had to complete the rest of my homework for school. The next day I had my exam for school and I got a 98%. I figured it out and was able to overcome my memory issues by horse back riding.

I also had a slow reaction speed and if it were not for riding, I would not be driving. I worked closely in my lessons on timing and I did it. From the movement of the horse I was able to figure it out.

I got my driving license because I was able to overcome having a slow reaction time, and that came from learning our walk-trot-canter transitions and from dressage. When I was on the Interscholastic Equestrian Activities (IEA) team I ended up getting second overall and the National Sportsmanship Award highest ranking senior; all because of what I learned from summer. []

I learned, in my time owning Summer patience, understanding, compassion, happiness, love and most of all trust. Sadly in December 27th 2014 I got in a accident and I had to get emergency back surgery. Through two years of intense rehabilitation and pure determination I started to walk again. During the time I was in the wheel chair I was depressed and down about not being able to ride.

Then my Mom was laid off from her job of 14 years and we were no longer able to afford her. My mom said to me “you have to sell her.” I was like “never in a million years will I give her up.” She came to High Hopes on trial and she has fitted into High Hopes perfectly. She loves all the attention and she loves her job. I could not be any happier than I am with the work and dedication that High Hopes puts into their program, which Summer absolutely thrives in. She is extremely happy. I still ride Summer once a week and I thank God for all High Hopes does for her. Recently Summer has gotten a sponsorship from Kapco Global Employee Owners From Centerbrook. I have to say I’m truly blessed to have such good things going for Summer. One of my biggest things is that I’m so happy she is able to help others; just like me her job helps people and my job does that too, so we are like two peas in a pod!

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