Sensory Integration & Autism – Disability Module 7

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This workshop is ideal for all therapeutic riding professionals seeking an interactive, hands-on educational experience to further their understanding of Autism and Sensory Processing Issues in the TR setting.

Who should attend?

  • PATH Intl. Certified Instructors seeking professional development.
  • Educators & EAAT Industry Professionals.
  • Individuals wishing to expand knowledge of autism & sensory integration.


This workshop will include lectures and discussion to:

  • Increase your awareness of Autism and Sensory Processing considerations in equine-assisted activities.
  • Enhance your instructor toolbox with new therapeutic riding techniques specialized for participants with autism and sensory processing needs.
  • Further understand the impact of Autism on participants’ perspective and ability to adapt to the TR environment.



This is the seventh and final lecture in the Disability Module of the PATH Intl. Approved Instructor Training Course. This lecture can be taken in three different ways:

  • One of the two-day lecture, as a stand-alone lecture for continuing education purposes
  • As part of the 7-day Disability Module
  • or as part of the 16-day PATH Intl. Instructor Training Course a component of the Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor education process.

If you are unsure as to your educational needs or ambitions, please schedule a telephone conversation with our Training & Education team, prior to signing up.


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