Therapy Horse Module – Therapy Horse 1

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Equine selection and training are central to the success of our therapeutic horsemanship programs. Join our staff in a conversation about finding the right equine for your program’s needs, training them for their unique roles and maintaining their well-being to ensure longevity in your herd.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wishes to learn more about equine management in a therapeutic riding setting:

  • Equine Managers
  • Program Directors
  • Therapeutic Riding Instructors
  • Equine Specialists and more….

Course: Topics will include:

  • Recruiting and selecting the right horses for your program
  • Planning a trial period
  • Tailored training systems to create willing partners
  • Stress control: management techniques for happy horses
  • Life beyond the TR Center



This is the first of two lectures in the Therapy Horse Module of the new PATH Intl. Instructor Training Course. This lecture can be taken in three different ways:

  • One of the two-day lecture, as a stand-alone lecture for continuing education purposes
  • As part of the 7-day Disability Module
  • or as part of the 16-day PATH Intl. Instructor Training Course a component of the Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor education process.

If you are unsure as to your educational needs or ambitions, please schedule a telephone conversation with our Training & Education team, prior to signing up.


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