Practicing Mindfulness – With Horses!

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High Hopes would like to show our appreciation to our volunteers by inviting you to a complimentary mindfulness session with High Hopes’ horses. This staff-guided session is suitable for adults 18 years and older.  Horse experience is not required. All activities are unmounted (not riding).

The session will focus on horses and humans coming together for connection, relaxation and mindfulness. Horses live in the present, which provides us with the opportunity to slow down, practice being present, see the world through their eyes, and to learn more about their body language and emotions.

Activities will include –

  • Practice a personal check-in and breathing exercise for relaxation & self-awareness
  • Learn how our head, heart, gut (the 3 brains) and our energy impacts other beings
  • Develop greater understanding of our equine friends in learning their body language
  • Honor the horses’ unique spirits (as well as our own)
  • Conclude with a practice of appreciation

Space is limited for each session, please reserve your spot today by emailing Jeanna at or calling 860-4343-1974 ext 112.

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