Family Resources

High Hopes offers the following family resources to help parents, caregivers and/or participants seek additional support to meet the financial challenges of program participation.

State of Connecticut Department of Social Services:  The State of Connecticut has a wealth of information and special need support and family grants.

Molly Ann Tango Memorial Foundation:  Enriching the lives of children with special needs & their families through financial and general resource support.

Employer Matching Funds: Check with your employer’s Human Resource Benefits Department. Many employers offer matching gifts and support as financial assistance for educational and/or therapeutic services.

Private Insurance:  Check with your private insurance carrier. They may cover a percentage of alternative therapies for covered member.   Call your company benefits line for information.

GoFundMe Campaigns:  Very effective for programs serving special needs and raising support among family and friends to lend a helping hand through social media campaigns.

For More information, please contact Megan Ellis, Program Operations Manager, or call (860) 434-1974, ext. 116.