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Corporate & Community Partners

Organizations can make a substantial difference in the lives of children and adults with physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities by becoming a High Hopes Partner.

Thanks to their support, High Hopes can keep fees affordable for individuals and families.


Partner Opportunities

High Hopes is seeking meaningful partnerships with business supporters through a variety of ways, including Event, Equine and Program Partnerships. Scroll down to learn more, or contact Sara Qua, Development Director, at  or (860) 434-1974 x122 to discuss how your organization can make a difference in the lives of our participants.

Event Partners

Five Opportunities Offered

You can support High Hopes Therapeutic Riding at various levels of financial commitment in conjunction with our annual special events, from $250 to $10,000. Only a small portion of dollars raised at events goes toward food, decorations and entertainment. A majority of the proceeds from our events support the programs and participants of High Hopes.

Events and Support Levels

Equine Partners

Horses are at the heart of our mission

With the help of a loyal herd of therapy horses, we offer the benefits of equine-assisted therapy to individuals of all ages. For $2,500 per year, Equine Partners can Adopt-a-Horse.

As an Adopt-a-Horse supporter, your gift pays for:

Hay and grain, $1,000 per year, per horse

Shoes, $500 per year, per horse

Veterinary care, supplements and medication, $1,000 per year, per horse



After years of dedicated service, all High Hopes’ horses reach a point when it’s time to retire and live out the rest of their years in good health and peace. For a one-time gift of $10,000, Equine Partners can support the retirement of a High Hopes horse which helps us fulfill our promise to retire our dedicated equine friends with dignity and grace to a supportive, caring environment.

Program Partner

A $15,000 gift makes a significant impact and applies directly to program efforts.

Program Partners provide a sustainable investment in High Hopes’ operational future by providing four named scholarships awarded to High Hopes’ participants who otherwise would not be able to benefit from our services.

The names of our Program Partners are displayed in our indoor riding arena. Recognition also is given on the High Hopes website, social media posts and in the quarterly High Hopes Rider newsletter

distributed to more than 3,000 participants, families, volunteers and donors. Program partners receive significant recognition at all High Hopes’ events and are invited to special behind-the-scenes program demonstrations, giving them the opportunity to witness firsthand the tremendous work their support makes possible.