PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor on Demand Certification or Re-Certification Application

PATH Intl. offers three levels of Instructor Certification for therapeutic riding: Registered, Advanced, & Master. Each level has specific criteria included with the application materials. This certification is for the Advanced Level only.

In order to become a PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor, you must successfully complete the Advanced Certification packet (located here) and return it to High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. with a copy of your PATH Intl. membership card, and current copies of your CPR and First Aid Certifications.


Prerequisites for Advanced Certification:

Candidate is at least 21 years of age

Current PATH Intl. member

Candidate is    a PATH Intl. Registered Instructor or Driving Instructor

Current copy of CPR and First Aid Cards

Documentation of Teaching Hours Form (120 hours minimum under supervision of certified PATH Intl. instructor).


PHASE II paperwork is due 3 weeks prior to certification dates from High Hopes.  The additional paperwork is sent to candidates with a letter confirming registration.

PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor on Demand Certification or Re-Certification Application

  • *High Hopes horses have a weight limit of 180 lbs. If you exceed this weight limit, you will need to contact PATH Intl. for accommodation requirements of the riding portion.
    Dates must be at least 2 months from submission of this form to allow time for processing and scheduling. Contact High Hopes for guidance on best time frames for on-demand events. Deadlines for remaining paperwork will be determined once dates have been confirmed. Dates selected for testing must be agreed upon by both parties based on High Hopes calendar and resources available.
    Candidates looking to re-test for the Advanced Certification must compete the written exam and demonstrate proof of completion prior to their agreed upon certification date. Candidates seeking onsite testing with proctor must pay an additional fee of $250. Candidates must present a copy of their "Resubmission Application Form" from PATH Intl. demonstrating requirements for re-testing. All additional Advanced Certification Application packet materials must be completed and provided to High Hopes three weeks prior to the agreed upon testing date.