Equine Learning

Teaching Skills in Equine Care and Management

Gain Confidence in Working With a Horse

The Equine Learning Program curriculum is designed on an individual basis to accommodate each student’s needs and goals. The Equine Learning Program is an excellent way for individuals to develop confidence and become comfortable working with horses. The program is also great for home-schoolers.


Students learn to lead, groom and gain knowledge of horse colors and breeds.


Students learn handling and training techniques for safely and effectively working with horses.

Health Care

Students learn to apply elements of equine first aid, including cleaning wounds, measuring the horse’s temperature, pulse and respiration, applying wraps and bandages, and identifying symptoms of various diseases.


How to apply for the Equine Learning Program

Equine Learning Program sessions run on the same calendar as the therapeutic riding-lesson semesters.  The application process for equine learning is through the therapeutic riding program.

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Upon acceptance into the program, students are assigned a Staff Advisor and a Volunteer Coach trained by our staff.

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