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PATH Intl. CEUs: 1 CR

Quick & Easy Lesson Plans

Presented by: Megan Ellis
(read Megan’s bio here)
LIVE EVENT: June 19, 2020, 5:30 pm EST

Why is lesson planning always so hard? The goal of this webinar is to provide instructors or instructors in training with breakdown of how to make lesson planning easier.  We will review each element of the lesson planning process and provide you with a clear and easy way to go about planning your lessons or sessions.  Let us help you make lesson planning easier and provide you with a few tips and tricks along the way.  A lesson plan template will be included with registration and, a Q&A session will be incorporated for live attendees.  

Topics will include:

• Why it’s hard
• Make it easy
• Lesson planning elements
• Lesson plan templates

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PATH INTL. CEU’s: 1 DE or 1CR or .5DE & .5CR

Behavior Management Strategies in EAAT Sessions

Presented by: Kim Severance
(read Kim’s Bio here)
LIVE EVENT: June 23, 2020, 3:00 pm EST

This webinar will provide you with behavior management strategies that can be incorporated into your EAAT sessions. We will discuss behavior and learning theory, along with how to manage challenging behaviors in a group format.  By identifying the function of challenging behavior, utilizing effective communication with the participant, and applying concrete strategies to modify that behavior, a positive change can result.

Topics will include:

• Behavior defined – 4 principles of behavior
• Theories of behavior and learning – Pavlov and Skinner
• The Premack Principle – “Grandma’s Law” of first/then
• Parents, teachers and therapists as resources
• Using clear, simple language in your lessons
• Different learners-visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners
• Methods of communication with non-verbal participants
• How to manage challenging behaviors in a group format

Live webinars will include time for Q&A

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PATH Intl. CEUs: 1 CE or 1CR

Volunteer Challenges

Navigating Tough Situations while maintaining Volunteer Appreciation

Presented by: Megan Ellis
(read Megan’s bio here)
LIVE EVENT: June 29, 2020 5:30 pm EST

Do you ever feel stuck and not know what to do with someone who is a volunteer at your center?  This webinar will provide you with some guiding principles to help you navigate common volunteer challenges.  Do you or someone you know struggle with daily volunteer cancellations? Setting boundaries? What do I do if there is a mismatch of volunteer skill levels and the task they are assigned to?  Let us help you answer some of these questions and break down the challenges while providing you with some solutions on how to move forward while maintaining volunteer appreciation.  

Topics will include:

• Your challenges
• Guiding Principles
• Common Challenges
Cancellations & Subs

Live webinars will include time for Q&A

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PATH Intl. CEUs: 1 DE or 1CR or .5DE & .5CR

Token Charts

The Use of Token Charts to Modify Challenging Behaviors in EAAT Programs

Presented by: Kim Severance
(read Kim’s Bio here)
LIVE EVENT: July 8, 2020, 11:00 am EST

The goal of this webinar is to consider the basic principles of shaping behavior and positive reinforcement. Understanding and applying the use of positive reinforcement to modify challenging behavior may increase your participants’ ability to focus and learn during lessons. Token charts are a tool professionals can use to modify behavior with positive reinforcement.

Topics will include:

• The power of token charts
• Finding a motivator/reinforcer that works
• Timing is everything
• Coach your volunteers before the lesson
• How do you keep the motivation high?
• Progression with a token chart

Live webinars will include time for Q&A

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