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Equine Activities and Therapies

The Equus Effect is one of High Hopes’ many Veteran offerings.  It is a horsemanship program designed specifically for Veterans by Jane Strong and David Sonatore, LCSW based on their professional experiences and extensive research and training into the horse-human bond and its effects on healing, building trust, and improving relationships.

This peer-to-peer program meets you wherever you are on your journey back to life at home, work and school.  These sessions are designed to address those issues and concerns facing you when you arrive at the farm.  We help  make successful relationships possible by using the basic principals of natural horsemanship.  These principals involve gaining trust through emotional honesty, learning how to set healthy boundaries and communicating with clarity.

Why Horses?  . . .  Horses have three qualities that make them naturals at guiding people toward more effectiveness in the world:  The Wisdom of Prey, Lack of Hidden Agendas and Transparent Trust.

High Hopes works with the Norwich Vet Center who refer Veterans to this program and supports it with a clinician during each session.  We also offer the following mounted and unmounted equine activities and therapies:   Therapeutic riding, carriage driving and unmounted activities for veterans.

To find out more information about our veteran services please contact:

Megan Ellis, Program Operations Manager
(860) 434 – 1974 ext. 116

Activities offered include:

Therapeutic Riding

High Hopes accommodates all four elements of therapeutic riding as defined by PATH Intl.: Recreation, Therapy, Sport, and Medicine in a unique way through our interdisciplinary team approach that includes the applied practices of both the Therapeutic Riding Instructor and licensed Therapists in the areas of Physical, Occupational, Speech and Language and Expressive Therapies.

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Carriage Driving

People with disabilities that restrict their movements, such as those who cannot easily transfer from a wheelchair, Image of smiling pair carriage driving can participate with the security of an adapted cart. Benefits include improvements in balance, posture, coordination and emotional well-being.

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Equine Learning

The Equine Learning Program curriculum is designed on an individual basis to accommodate each student’s needs and goals. The Equine Learning Program is an excellent way for individuals to develop confidence and become comfortable working with horses.

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