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Before we let you go any further we just want to say

Thank You for Changing Lives!

Peter and Andrea have grown up together at High Hopes. Their families met while watching their children ride for the first time, and have provided support to each other ever since. Their siblings have participated in summer camp, their parents’ employers have supported sponsored fundraising events, their co-workers have taken volunteering field trips, their school friends have been to watch them at Horse Show Days, and Andrea has done demonstrations for our Sponsors to see the impact of their donations.

This is the vibrant community that is High Hopes – This is Horses and Humans Improving Lives in Action


For over 45 years High Hopes has provided

life changing services to individuals with a wide range of disabilities and challenges.

  • Over 1,000 children and adults served each year
  • 46 different physical, cognitive, social and emotional disabilities
  • 5,934 equine-assisted activities and therapies delivered in 2020-2021
  • 96% of our workforce is made up of volunteers

We underwrite 65% of the cost of every lesson we provide

To keep fees affordable

Our participants and their families face many hardships, not the least of which are financial. To continue to provide services to all, regardless of their ability to pay, we must increase our small endowment fund.

  • Children and adults
  • Veterans living with PTSD
  • Teens at risk
  • Victims of domestic abuse
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We are honored to receive grants from these foundations

Are we missing you? We do hope not, but if we are, please accept our apologies.

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Allan Louis Loeb Foundation

Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut Foundation
Charter Oak Credit Union

George A. & Grace L. Long Foundation

The Hope Goddard Iselin Foundation

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