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PATH Intl. is the organization that certifies professionals and accredits centers in the Equine Assisted Services (EAS) Industry. PATH Intl. offers three levels of therapeutic riding instructor certification:

Work towards your PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor (CTRI) Certification through attending the PATH Intl. Approved Instructor Training Curriculum at High Hopes.

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Training, Education & PATH Intl. CEUs

1 of 4 PATH Intl. Centers approved to run the Instructor Training Curriculum

High Hopes is 1 of only 4 PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Centers in the country currently offering the PATH Intl. Approved Instructor Training Curriculum.

As part of our commitment to Opportunity, Education & Excellence, we also provide a wide variety of workshops offering EAS Professionals continuing education opportunities qualifying for PATH Intl. CEU’s.

Please note the following definitions for PATH Intl. CEUs which are available for all of our courses: Disability Education (DE), Certification Core Requirement (CR) General Continuing Education (CE).

Changes to the

PATH Intl. Certification and Education at High Hopes

Through education and certification opportunities at High Hopes, pursue a rewarding career in the field of Equine Assisted Services. EAS offers rewarding career opportunities combining elements of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, education, psychology and child development with horsemanship teaching skills.

High Hopes is one of a handful of independent therapeutic riding centers throughout North America approved by PATH Intl. to offer instructor training at all three levels. Since 1996, High Hopes has trained over 260 students from throughout the United States and from over 20 countries abroad.

PATH Intl. Certification Process Changes

PATH Intl. is undergoing a 3rd party accreditation process for the PATH Intl. Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification that is based on meeting and exceeding certification industry standards. The outcome of this process is to establish the new PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor (CTRI).

This certification process meets the rigors of obtaining National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accreditation of the PATH Intl. CTRI certification. Achievement of NCCA accreditation of the certification will elevate the value of the CTRI credential and support increased professional recognition of the industry.

The PATH Intl. CTRI is a voluntary, entry-level credential for individuals in the Equine Assisted Services (EAS) profession who provide riding instruction and therapeutic value to people with disabilities. This may include mounted or unmounted work partnering with an equine. PATH Intl. CTRIs have met established criteria and standards of practice in the field. They have demonstrated their knowledge of disabilities, equines, teaching, and human-animal interactions. Summary Description of the CTRI The PATH Intl. CTRI has the maturity and knowledge to safely and effectively teach basic riding skills.

As part of the PATH Intl. 3rd party accreditation of its certified therapeutic riding instructor certification (CTRI), a job task analysis review of the registered therapeutic riding instructor job was completed in 2016. The outcome of this review resulted in the development of the PATH Intl. CTRI Job Task Analysis (JTA) as well as CTRI criteria. Please see links below for more information on the CTRI Certification, Job Task Analysis, CTRI Criteria and CTRI Job Description

Our PATH Intl. Approved Instructor Training Curriculum and workshops provide opportunities for education and gaining knowledge in all areas of the PATH Intl. CTRI JTA.


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