how we're bringing One Health to life

One Health for People

One Health for People

  • Participants: Providing direct therapeutic services for people with disabilities, veterans, and others in need
  • Families and Caregivers: Improving outcomes for loved ones in a community of unconditional acceptance
  • Volunteers: Enriching lives by providing the opportunity to help others and receive training, education, and appreciation
  • Staff: Prioritizing a workplace culture of kindness and respect that makes employees feel appreciated
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One Health for Animals

One Health for Animals

  • Wellness: Providing the highest quality routine and emergency care for our horses
  • Stables: Maintaining optimal living conditions that are clean, safe, and tailored to each equine’s needs
  • Grounds: Creating a garden to promote a pollinator-friendly habitat and encourage green space to respect all wildlife
  • Education: Collaborating with Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center (RTPEC) for educational programs and staffing
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One Health for the Environment

One Health for the Environment

  • Maintenance: Dedicating year-round staff to protect and care for the property, trails, and wetlands
  • Protection: Transferring development rights to the state to protect the future use of the farm
  • Reuse and Recycle: Practicing responsible manure management as part of initiatives to recycle and minimize waste
  • Green Practices: Using environmentally sensitive pest and weed control methods
  • Community: Regularly inviting community groups to enjoy outdoor experiences at the farm
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It starts with one

Our mission at High Hopes remains the same: to improve lives through interaction between horses and humans.  Now, we’re extending our mission further by launching our One Health vision. One Health recognizes that the health of people is connected to the health of animals and our environment.

High Hopes offers a unique setting in which One Health principles can be lived every day. The lives of each participant, their families, volunteers, and staff are improved daily through interaction with the horses, the outdoors, and each other. Our rural, wooded farm setting, surrounded by fragile wetlands, is abundant with wildlife and specifically designed to provide the horses of High Hopes with the optimal living situation for their wellbeing. Our care of that environment is paramount to creating a healthy place for all who come to High Hopes.

With just one gift, you have the power to impact countless lives. From covering the cost of a lesson for a family in need, to vet care for a horse, to protecting the ecosystems that surround our farm, your support has endless reach.


High Hopes subsidizes 79% of the cost of services for our participants. It’s the only way we can ensure that families who need us the most don’t get turned away. Your donation could make all the difference in the life of a child or adult who relies on our services for critical physical, emotional, or cognitive support.

Your donation will allow these essential services to continue to grow, bringing new friends into the fold and maintaining the thriving community our current participants love.

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People benefited from the power of the horse-human connection


of our operating costs are raised through donations and corporate support


services are delivered annually


of our staff is made up of volunteers

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Horses and Humans Improving Lives

The people who come to High Hopes represent all ages & backgrounds.The majority of our participants are between the ages of 3 and 14, some are in their 70’s. Most participants have varying degrees of cognitive, physical, behavioral, psychological or sensory disabilities.

About Us

Meet the Herd

Get to know all of our beautiful and intelligent horses who live for their work. These amazing creatures have been working wonders for years.

Our Horses

Our Mission

At High Hopes, therapeutic riding and other equestrian activities benefit the bodies, minds and spirits of people with disabilities.

Our Mission

Volunteers are Our Life Force

Our volunteers donate their time to keep the programs at High Hopes staffed and running. We cannot do this without our High Hopes volunteer family.


Accreditations and Affiliations

Certified Horsemanship Association
Equus Foundation
EQUUS Foundation Mentor
PATH Intl.

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