Hope Challenge


Finding Hope in Hardship

This morning I noticed the tops of some daffodils starting to peek above the ground. While still seeing colder temperatures, these small buds offered a needed sense of HOPE – winter is ending, spring is coming – hurrah!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen the same signs of HOPE in the barn, trails, and riding arena at High Hopes. Participants and volunteers are slowly returning as more get vaccinated, and COVID-19 eases its tight grip on our corner of Connecticut. We are still taking all necessary health precautions, and it will be a while before we can return to a “normal” level of operation, but for now we are heartened to see the healing work of the human/horse bond back in action.

Over the past year, despite the forced reduction in services, we’ve strived to provide programs that address the emotional toll COVID-19 has had on our community. Daily, our staff and volunteers see positive change resulting from the healing power of the human/horse bond, and we want to share these stories of HOPE with our supporters – the individuals who make the fulfillment of the mission of High Hopes possible.

Your donation ensures High Hopes has the manpower, and horsepower, to provide the critical services that will improve the lives of hundreds of individuals within our community.

As an added bonus, your gift today will be matched, up to $25,000, by an anonymous donor.  This match, the HOPE CHALLENGE, will double any contribution you make – a $50 gift will become $100, $500 will become $1,000, and so on. However, to qualify for this match we need to raise $50,000 over the next two months. We need your help to meet the challenge.

We are excited to share with you the great strides our participants have made in the face of unprecedented challenges. A young adult whose life has been a long series of medical challenges,  a husband and wife looking to cut through the encroaching darkness of Alzheimer’s, an enthusiastic 10-year-old building physical strength, a former educator recovering from a devastating stroke –these are just some of the stories you can discover through social media and at highhopestr.org/storiesofhope.

Please make a gift to the HOPE CHALLENGE today. Your gift will have double the impact, giving rise to even more stories of HOPE. Thank you!


Kitty Stalsburg

We rely on donations to cover

65% of our annual operating budget

Your contribution will support our programs and ensure the ongoing sustainability of our operations, including care of our horses and scholarship support to financially disadvantaged participants.

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Our Goal is $290,000 - Invest in Hope

When you make a donation to High Hopes you are investing in the future of our participants. You are changing their lives and we hope that reading their stories, will change yours too.


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