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Get to know all of our talented and special horses. Their backgrounds may be varied, but their hearts are all made of gold.

You can adopt a High Hopes horse with a contribution of $500 or more, which can be paid quarterly in $125 increments.

Your donation will help us keep a special member of our herd, happy, healthy, and with everything they need to excel in our therapeutic program.

A plaque bearing your name will be placed on your adopted horse’s stall, and you will receive an update regarding your horse during the year. And, of course, to see your adopted friend, we welcome visits. Adopt a horse and make a new friend today.

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Addie hails from New York where she was most recently working as an English pleasure riding horse for her owner and family. Addie is an 18-year-old paint mare, standing just over 16 hands tall. Her solid build will enable her to serve some of our older participants who are working on independent riding skills, while her easy-going personality makes her a joy for volunteers to handle in those classes where the riders are staying on lead.

Adopt Addie


Aladdin, better known as “Al”, was born in 1996. He is a palomino Miniature Horse gelding. At 9.1 hands Al is actually quite tall for a mini. He has his own carriage, which he enjoys pulling.  Al and his best friend Smokey are thick as thieves. They have been known to take down fence rails in their paddock to sneak out and eat grass in a neighboring pasture.

Adopt Aladdin

Coming Soon - Arthur

Arthur has recently joined us – bio coming soon

Adopt Arthur


Blessing was born and raised to be a racehorse who pulls a carriage on the track – called a “pacer”. Blessing raced until he was 6 and earned nearly $40,000 in his career. After his retirement from racing, he was brought to East Haddam for retraining to work as a pleasure driving horse. He came to High Hopes in 2013 as a 9 year old. He is a smart and funny horse who loves to drive!
Adopt Blessing


Candy is a Clydesdale and Hackney cross born in 1995. Her skill as a driving horse brought her to High Hopes, where she is the anchor of our driving program. Candy’s summer coat is stunning, dark and glossy. She doesn’t have a bit of ego even though all the geldings admire her when she passes by. Candy has shared a pasture with many of our horses at different times and she quickly becomes best buddies with each of them.

Adopt Candy


Chip is a 14.2 hand Appaloosa gelding who was born in 1993. Chip came to High Hopes in the spring of 2011 from a barn in CT where he worked teaching students to jump. Chip has to wear sunscreen on his nose in the summer – otherwise he gets a sunburn! Chip is very social, he loves to nicker at passers-by and has become fast friends with all the horses he shares a pasture with.

Adopt Chip

Your Adopt a Horse donation helps pay for hay, grain, shoes, supplements and veterinary care.

Adopt a Horse Program



Gracie is a Paint mare who came to High Hopes in the winter of 2010. Despite her breed, she is mostly solid colored and does not have traditional Paint markings. Born in 1999, Gracie’s gentle, sweet and friendly nature makes her a perfect fit for our programs. She has a big, bouncy trot which helps our riders learn to post.

Adopt Gracie


A Dutch Warmblood gelding, Neon was imported from Holland in 2000. 16.2 hands tall, this handsome bay has four stockings, a star, a strip and a snip. With an extensive history of travel and competition in the hunt seat discipline, Neon is a sage, social horse who enjoys human attention. Neon has become a sought-after mount because he is comfortable to ride and has large, smooth strides.

Adopt Neon


Nifty came to High Hopes in 2002 at the age of 14. A registered Quarter Horse, he performed in English, Western and Reining competitions. He has a lovely smooth trot. Nifty has a very unique coat color called “dun” which makes him really stand out in a crowd. Nifty’s very long tenure as a therapy horse is very special, he is really a great guy!

Adopt Nifty

Horse Donations

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Penny is a small pony at just 13.2 hands tall. Being a Welsh cross also makes her very fine-boned. But for what she lacks in size, she makes up for in heart! Penny, whose show name is “Rise and Shine”, is a shiny chestnut mare who gleams in the sun like a bright new penny! Penny was a successful show horse before coming to High Hopes making it all the way to the CT Horse Show Association’s finals in 2017.

Adopt Penny


Petra is a Norwegian Fjord mare born in 1995. She is a brown dun with a dorsal strip. Her mane is “roached” to show off her two-toned coloring. She serves High Hopes’ participants by being one of our most stoic, reliable and tolerant horses. Petra is exceptional for many reasons…she came to work at High Hopes at the very young age of four years old!

Adopt Petra


Savannah, born in 2008, is a pretty, bay Quarter Horse mare who stands 15 hands tall. She came to Connecticut via the Midwest United States, but never lived in Georgia! Savannah really enjoys the company of people and wants to say “Hello!” to anyone who is nearby. Savannah has smooth gaits and a sweet temperament.



Before coming to High Hopes in the summer of 2009, Taylor’s career as a show horse was very successful. He was the CT Horse Show Association’s Quarter Horse Hunter Under Saddle Champion in both 2004 and 2005! At High Hopes, Taylor enjoys socializing with his friends and he loves to go for rides on the trail. Regardless of where he is being ridden, Taylor is very responsive to his riders and he appreciates a soft touch.

Adopt Taylor


Teddy, born in 1998, is a high-spirited 14.2 hand bay Morgan gelding. Teddy is full of personality and likes to work hard. Teddy is a “people horse” and genuinely becomes sad when he has a day off! Teddy was born at the University of Vermont in their world famous Morgan breeding program.

Adopt Teddy


Vixen joined the herd in the spring of 2011. She is a draft cross mare and was born in 2002. Vixen has a great sense of humor, is friendly and curious, not to mention fun to ride!

Adopt Vixen


Warrior is an 18-year-old New Zealand Warmblood who was imported to the US some years back to compete in the World Equestrian Games in the sport of jumping. More recently he was being ridden in English hunt seat style, jumping some smaller fences for fun. Warrior also stands at just over 16 hands tall, making him a good mount for some of our tall riders. Warrior is elegant and dignified, a true gentleman.

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