PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor Certification – On Demand

Registered Instructor Certification on Demand is designed for first time certification candidates who have already attended workshop but are not available on either of the available dates.

Advanced Instructor Certification On Demand is designed for first time certification candidates who have met all advanced prerequisites or for those individuals needing to “retest” in one or more components.

In order to become a PATH Intl. Registered Instructor, you must successfully complete two phases of the certification process.

Certification on Demand is also great for those individuals needing to take the certification a second time (“re-certification”).

High Hopes offers certification for the Registered Level twice a year. In addition, High Hopes offers “Certification on Demand” for “first time” participants who are unable to attend on either of those dates, and for those who need to take the certification a second time (“re-certification”).

Phase One (PATH Intl.)

A complete description and application form are contained in the Registered Certification Application Booklet available through PATH Intl. at or (800) 369-7433. Any questions that you have regarding Phase One should be directed to the PATH Intl. office.

Phase Two (Host Site—High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc.)

Upon successful completion of Phase One you will receive a confirmation letter from the PATH Intl. office. At this point you are considered an Instructor-In-Training (IT). You may retain this designation for twelve months from the date of your confirmation letter. At the end of the twelve months, you must have completed all components of Phase Two.

Phase Two “first time” participant requirements:

1. 25 Hours of Teaching

Complete 25 hours of teaching mounted therapeutic riding lessons under the supervision/mentorship of a PATH Intl. Certified  Instructor.

2. Registered Instructor On-Site Workshop

Attend a Registered Instructor On-Site Workshop. You must attend a workshop PRIOR to the certification component. Please  note that the workshops are valid for 2 years

3. On-Site Certification

Successfully complete a Registered Instructor On-Site Certification

PATH Intl. Registered Instructor on site certification on demand program

To register for Certification on Demand, please complete the information requested in this form, and send the required fee and a copy of your Confirmation of Instructor-in-Training status letter for PATH Intl. To:

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc.
36 Town Wood Road
Old Lyme, CT 06371
Attn: Sarah Carlson

*Make checks payable to: High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc.*

Recertification candidates must ALSO send the “Re-test” Letter which has the resubmission deadline.

Upon receipt of the forms and fee payment, High Hopes will send you a Phase Two Packet. In addition to the required forms, the packet will contain information about housing accommodations as well as other logistics. All Phase Two forms must be completed and submitted to High Hopes two weeks prior to your certification on demand date.

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