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Horse Chip Raffle Rules

  1. A field at High Hopes Therapeutic Riding will be divided into 700 3ft x 3ft squares in a grid of 20 columns by 35 rows.
  2. Squares have been randomly numbered as shown on the map below.
  3. A group of three judges will be appointed to monitor all activities and terms and conditions applicable to the Horse Chip Raffle.
  4. Each square corresponds to a ticket number as shown on the field map.
  5. At 2:00 pm, on November 13, 2022, two horses will be let loose in the field. One horse will be designated the primary horse.
  6. The first horse to make a deposit or chip will determine the prize (cash) winner.
  7. If the horse deposit or chip falls on a line between squares, the judges will determine which square the majority of the deposit occurs in and that will decide the winner.
  8. If the horse deposit or chip falls on an unsold square, the next highest purchased square will be the winner. For example, if the chip falls on square for ticket number 200 and that ticket has not been sold, then the winner will be ticket number 201.
  9. If neither horse makes a deposit by 4:00 pm, then the winner of the first prize is determined by the placement of the primary horse’s left rear hoof at that time.


Raffle grid




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