Thanks to the Westbrook Foundation

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, is a very grateful recipient of a $5,000 grant from the Westbrook Foundation. This grant is hard at work providing financial aid to Westbrook residents so that those living with physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities can benefit from all that High Hopes has to offer.

For some from Westbrook High School and group homes such as VISTA, riding and carriage driving provides freedom of movement and the opportunity for recreational activity, outside of the traditional range of sports activities available to adults and youth with physical disabilities.

“For others, caring for, riding and handling horses creates a motivating environment, encourages participants to be present and mindful, and can often provide their first experience of bonding with an animal,” explains Executive Director, Kitty Stalsburg. “When children and adults learn to interact with and trust their horses and instructors they acquire valuable confidence and communication skills that can transfer to home, school and community settings.”

The Foundation’s focus on the medical, educational, social, welfare, cultural, recreational, and civic needs of its population are all met through the equine-assisted activities that High Hopes provides, as well as through the dedication and commitment of those people from Westbrook, included in the 652 volunteers who support our programs.

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