Share Hope Endowment Campaign

For nearly 50 years

High Hopes has provided life enhancing services to individuals with a wide range of disabilities and challenges.

In the last fiscal year:

  • Over 1,109 children and adults were served
  • 32 different physical, cognitive, social and emotional disabilities
  • 5,934 equine-assisted services were delivered
  • 93% of our workforce was made up of volunteers

We underwrite 65% of the cost of every lesson we provide

To keep fees affordable

Our participants and their families face many hardships, not the least of which are financial. To continue to provide services to all, regardless of their ability to pay, we must increase our endowment fund.

  • Children and adults
  • Veterans living with PTSD
  • Teens at risk
  • Victims of domestic abuse
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Despite this, approximately 50% of our riders need additional financial assistance to participate.

Each year, to close this gap and maintain a balanced operational budget, we must raise over $1 million in donated income. To continue to provide services to all, regardless of their capacity to pay, we must increase our small endowment fund.

An enhanced endowment will provide stability, help retain staff, and provide critically needed financial aid to our participants.

The High Hopes endowment is critical to ensure fiscal stability now and in perpetuity.  High Hopes draws a percentage of the endowment’s market value to support our programs.  A strong endowment does not take away the need for annual giving. It gives High Hopes the fiscal nimbleness to respond to emerging opportunities and challenges.

By supporting this endowment campaign, you will enable us to share hope long into the future.

This increased source of revenue will provide a buffer between the variable nature of donated revenue and the inevitable annual increases in fixed costs, such as feed for the herd and liability insurance for the organization.


Strengthening our endowment will help riders like Stanley benefit from the freedom our horses can give

The cost is significant – the outcomes are priceless

When Stanley joined the elementary school group that was planning to ride with us this spring, his teachers wondered if he would be able to participate like his peers. Stanley is five years old and has double, above-the-knee amputations. Though he wears prosthetics and has great upper body strength, he is unable to walk; using a wheelchair to get around. Stanley is also non-verbal but communicates through sounds and expressions. His first contact with his horse, Baby, was a defining moment; for six weeks we saw him progress beyond all expectations.

It took two instructors (one to teach, the other as a spotter), a horse, a specially adapted saddle, a horse leader, and two sidewalkers for Stanley to ride for half an hour.

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High Hopes is a vibrant community where horse and human interactions improve lives

Help us secure the future

“Before becoming a board member, I was a sidewalker and witnessed firsthand the joy resulting from something as technical as a successful half-seat or as simple as the feeling of a warm breeze on a spring day. Simply put, High Hopes allowed me to see grace personified, in so many ways, every week.”

Peter Watt

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“When our three boys began riding at High Hopes they were very young, but immediately it was one of their favorite times of the week. Now, if at all possible, they love it even more! We have been so grateful to all our family and friends who have shown their love for us by generously supporting High Hopes. As a family, we chose to honor our loved ones through High Hopes’ Legacy Garden, and we thank the boys’ teachers each year with an Annual Appeal gift in their honor.”

Jennifer Curley and Peter Scotella

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