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Benefits of Equine Assisted Services for Veterans

High Hopes’ programs for Veterans focus on interactions between the horse and the individual allowing for risk-taking activities that build upon improving personal decision-making. The welcoming, outdoor environment of our 120-acre facility provides a healing and stress-relieving venue.

For many individuals who have served in our military, the ability to remain relaxed in the present moment and make important connections with other people is more difficult than most of the general public. Often, this is a by-product of PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Additionally, when serving in the military, there is a demand for all individuals to be acutely aware of their surroundings at all times due to the perilous conditions faced each day. For many who have served, this hyper-vigilant state does not subside when returning to reintegrate into society. Making connections with civilians is challenging often resulting in a sense of isolation even when returning to home, friends and family.

Most Veterans programs are small group, unmounted, 6-8 weeks in length, and are offered on a rotating basis throughout the year.  We serve a diverse population of Veterans and our goal is to provide services that meet their varying, individual needs.


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The veterans who come to High Hopes are a diverse population and our goal is to provide services that meet their varying, individual needs.

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