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Therapeutic Horsemanship for Veterans

For many individuals who have served in our military, the ability to remain relaxed in the present moment and make important connections with other people is more difficult than most of the general public. Often, this is a by-product of PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Additionally, when serving in the military, there is a demand for all individuals to be acutely aware of their surroundings at all times due to the perilous conditions faced each day. For many who have served, this hyper-vigilant state does not subside when returning to re-integrate into society. Making connections with civilians is challenging often resulting in a sense of isolation even when returning to home, friends and family.


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Healing and Stress Relieving

Therapeutic horsemanship is proving effective with veterans for both physical and emotional rehabilitation, including for PTSD and brain injuries. These individuals need an environment that is non-restrictive and challenging. High Hopes’ programs for veterans focus on interactions between the horse and the individual, and allows for risk-taking activities that build upon improving personal decision-making. Similarly, the outdoor environment at our 120 acre facility provides a healing and stress-relieving opportunity.


Program Participants

Veterans can enroll in High Hopes’ Therapeutic Riding 27 week program in either therapeutic riding, carriage driving or our unmounted “Horse Sense Program.” These programs are separate from our core Equine Learning Program, but utilize much of the same healing power of the horse and can be a great follow up to your initial program or can be enjoyed on their own.

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A Special Program

The veterans who come to High Hopes are a diverse population and our goal is to provide services that meet their varying, individual needs.

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In a Military Family “Kids Serve, Too”

Children and siblings of families that have served or are currently serving can apply for equine programs at High Hopes. Calling all VetKids - When Mom or Dad are called to serve it’s tough on their families too! High Hopes VetKids Camp AUGUST 17-20, 2020 9am - 12pm Children of Active Service Personnel and Veterans are a unique group of amazing kids; When mom or dad are deployed you serve too – and we know it can be tough. That’s why we’ve created a very special summer camp just for you. Horses reveal their thoughts and feelings with their body language and behavior. They do not ask, demand, or expect anything from us. They want to feel safe, comfortable, and get along with their “herd.” Does that sound like you? High Hopes invites children of service families entering grades 5 to 8, to join us for an experiential summer program for fun, self-esteem, and camaraderie powered by our special herd of horses. VetKids is a 4-day intensive horsemanship program designed just for military children. This program takes horse-inspired insights into fostering creativity, developing assertiveness, dealing with conflict, heightening mind-body awareness & balance, and making lasting connections with horses and each other ... all while having a ton of fun! In past VetKids programs the bond participants developed with their horses provided a low-key and trusting environment in which they could share their experiences of parents being deployed, or returning from deployment. All our participants and many parents commented on how important it was that everyone in the program “was in the same boat,” with shared experiences and shared emotions; something that is not the case in educational settings. The cost of this 4-day program for the summer of 2020 is $100, as it has been highly subsidized through a donation from the Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut Foundation. Places are limited, so please apply online at or call Marie Cahill, Lesson Manager at 860.434.1974 x 118 or email  

VetKids Application

A Challenge for Everyone

Carriage driving is a challenging equine activity that is available to individuals who may not want to or are unable to ride. Carriage driving is an opportunity to create a working relationship and dialogue with a horse.

Carriage Driving

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering at High Hopes is much more than a regular donation of time and service. It involves becoming part of a larger community.

Prospective Volunteers

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At High Hopes we host events for staff, volunteers and our participants. We also host private events at our facility. View our events calendar to see what fun things are happening at High Hopes!


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