Board Papers, Meeting Materials and Minutes, Trustees

Board Meeting Minutes – January 2022

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding
Board of Trustees Meeting
Hybrid Meeting, Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Board Members Present: Mac Mummert, Jackie Kangley, Jane Bolles, Jeff Ridgway, John Catlett, Mark Fader, Nancy Bulkeley, Peter Watt, Robin Schonberger, Sarah Canning, Sarah Keenan, Scott Douglas, Natalie Yonker, Gregory Varga, Vicki Newton, Maris Wacs

Unexcused Absences: Todd Machnik, Gary Rogers

Directors Present: Kitty Stalsburg, Lesley Olsen, Liz Burton, Holly Sundmacker, Chelsea Bourn

Guests: Kerrie Guarino, Jessica Morgan, Hayley Plas

Chair- M. Mummert

Meeting called to order, check in of those present.

Motion to approve Consent Agenda and Committee Minutes, Approved by unanimous consent.

Executive Director Report, K. Stalsburg

  • New employee introductions – L. Burton – CDO; J. Morgan and H. Plas
  • Current challenges with finding certified staff and volunteers.
  • Lower overall number due to COVID result in increased Cost of Service
  • This needs to be part of our next Strategic Plan

John Catlett joined staff for two sessions of brainstorming – discussions of issues/ solutions

Challenges Brainstorm, J. Catlett

Resource limitations for both trained, certified staff and volunteers:

    • Limited ability to up train existing volunteersChanges in demographics- duration and age
    • Exacerbated by COVID but trends observed pre COVID
    • Loss of ITC support
    • Current staff are hard pressed to take on more and in some cases are being diverted
      from primary job function (T&E)


    • Strengthen outreach, recruitment and retention activities
    • Mentoring
    • Improve messaging both internal and external – folks don’t know that we need help
    • Continue to evaluate services – those that can increase total served while decreasing
    • Reliance upon volunteer resources


    • Create a task force of staff and board to examine the resource limitations of both staff and board and subsequent need to adapt services.
    • Interested individuals: Nancy, Jane, Mac, John, Vicki, Scott and Robin

Governance Report, S. Canning

  • 3 New prospective Trustees identified – Biographical information will be sent out shortly for review and the slate will be presented in April; Look for an invite for a Meet and Greet this spring
  • Officer Slate is being prepared to be presented in April
  • DEI initiatives continue but we need input from all Trustees as we seek to expand outreach to new prospective committee and Board members.

Finance and Treasurer’s Report, L. Olsen/S. Douglas<

  • Q2 Financials have been distributed
  • Dashboard (see attached)

Outstanding payments at minimum.
Portfolio just under 7 million.
2nd PPP Loan was forgiven
High Hopes has a strong financial position; 0 debt and healthy endowment

  • Budget development will take place in the next quarter

Development Report, P. Watt

  • Welcome to Liz and thank you to staff who maintained the fundraising work flow
  • YTD Appeal is on track and slightly ahead; Restricted Operating exceeds budget; 100k grant received; this number is expected to continue to increase as we are only ½ way through the fiscal year. Unrestricted Operating is on track; over 20k received as tribute gifts
  • Holiday Market did not meet budget expectations due to several factors. Opportunity to further capitalize on the outreach and educational presentations for the attendees
  • Spring appeal will go out in March/April
  • Corporate campaign for the June Gala to start this month. Theme is Hues of Hope, a dance party with a DJ and variable seated with a “lounge” feel
  • Board participation in the broadest sense is at 100% for this year. Thank you for giving of yourselves in so many ways.

Building and Grounds, H. Sundmacker

  • Outdoor arena project still under review
  • Caretaker house projects in the spring
  • Need facility volunteers, large work groups

Program Committee, J. Bolles

  • Activities include the holiday decoration in the lounge
  • Helping with outreach for volunteers
  • Revision of the Participant Survey

Meeting Adjourned 6:05

Kitty Stalsburg, Secretary Pro tem

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