January Highlights at High Hopes

As we stride into the new year, High Hopes is delighted to recap the enriching events that unfolded throughout the month of January, fostering growth and development across various dimensions of our community.

Mindfulness Teambuilding Workshop with Barbara Abrams

Barbara Abrams graced our barn with a purposeful workshop, emphasizing mindfulness and setting the tone for a safe and collaborative space. Staff delved into mindfulness practices, gaining valuable insights into its application in daily life and, particularly, during moments of stress. The workshop extended beyond traditional boundaries, incorporating creative endeavors, showcasing the synergy of mindfulness in team building.

Intensive Instructor Workshop with Kim Berggren

The barn resonated with expertise during the intensive instructor workshop led by the accomplished Kim Berggren. With over 25 years in the equine-assisted service industry, Kim shared her wealth of knowledge, covering instructor development, mock lessons, mounting and dismounting practice, and in-depth horse assessments. Her vast experience, including international collaborations and continuous education, enriched the learning environment for our team.

Volunteer Engagement Initiative: A Dynamic January Series

High Hopes continued its commitment to volunteer enrichment through a dynamic Volunteer Engagement Initiative in January 2024. The series offered a spectrum of activities, from equine massage training to lunging demonstrations, drum and tack training, barn sessions, coaching training, unmounted sessions, Horse Picture Day, and a captivating horse carriage driving demonstration. The Meet and Greet on January 4th garnered an exceptional turnout, underscoring the community’s enthusiasm for volunteer engagement.


In tandem with these initiatives, our ongoing pursuit to enhance and diversify our services saw us conducting saddle fittings for all our horses. This proactive approach ensures the well-being of our equine partners and the quality of our programs.

High Hopes is poised for a year of growth, learning, and meaningful connections, with these January events setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead. We look forward to further collaboration and shared successes as we continue to uphold our commitment to excellence in therapeutic horsemanship.

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