A Valentine From the Herd

Greetings and happy February from the High Hopes herd! As visitors step in, they are welcomed by Neon, a strikingly handsome horse with a heart as vast as the fields he roams. Neon, a cherished member of the High Hopes family, has witnessed countless journeys of love, trust, and connection within the stables.

Neon’s charm lies in his unwavering affection for all beings. From his equine companions to the caring staff and the riders who embark on transformative journeys atop his back, Neon’s heart knows no bounds.

Among the herd stands Petra, a steadfast Fiord whose gentle demeanor has touched the lives of many. Children flock to her, finding solace in her presence whether grooming her thick coat or finding courage in the saddle. With each interaction, Petra embodies the essence of trust and compassion, her silent reassurance speaking volumes to even the most hesitant souls.

Aladdin, Petra’s loyal paddock companion, shares in the herd’s commitment to service. Patient and steadfast, Aladdin guides those learning to steer the cart he pulls, imparting confidence and joy with every step.

Together, the High Hopes herd understands the sacred duty entrusted to them. They stand as guardians of each other’s well-being, forging bonds that transcend words and actions.
As Valentine’s Day approaches, their hearts overflow with gratitude for the privilege of serving alongside such devoted companions. To all who walk through their gates, they extend warmest wishes for a day filled with love, laughter, and the timeless bond between humans and horses.

Happy Heart Day from the entire High Hopes herd!

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