50th Anniversary

Judy Lightfoot

Judy Lightfoot was one of the most vital parts of High Hopes growth, development and ultimate success. In our early days, she transported horses to various locations and kept horses for the program at her home in Lyme. She, along with her husband Dick were responsible for the concept of the ever successful Symphony in the Meadows which has morphed into the Gala that we know today. They were the host of the fourth Symphony in the Meadows event at their home in 1992.

Judy was the recipient of the James Brady Professional Achievement award at the national level.  When she was the President of NARHA, (now PATH Intl), she met with James Brady and helped establish this prestigious award. She also served as President of the Horse and Humans Research Foundation.

Judy was deeply committed to the mission, believing strongly in the power of the horse human interaction. Judy is the person who got many of the stakeholders involved in High Hopes. She was kind, caring, compassionate, loved children and horses and created an environment of acceptance and inclusion which High Hopes continues to strive to maintain today.

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