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At the Mounting Ramp

Do you ever wonder how you can better help your rider and instructor or horse?

Do you often feel that there is a lot going on at the mounting ramp when your rider is getting on their horse?

At the mounting ramp, sidewalkers can best help their riders by listening to the instructor to see if they need to hold the stirrup, assist the rider’s leg over the back of the saddle or assist with a different type of mount that will be explained by the instructor.

The Horse handler’s role is to ensure the horse is prepared to receive the rider. Horse handlers will be given instructions specific to each individual horse’s needs to best support the horse enabling it to receive the rider. Our horses are trained to stand independently in the ramp during mounting, but the handler should be poised and ready to reinforce the halt if the horse begins to move before it is asked to.

Our hope during this process is to ensure comfort, ease, and fluidity for the horse, participant, and volunteers. If everyone assists to perform their role, it is sure to make the process smoother for everyone!

Amy Tripson, Volunteer Manager

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