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Logging your volunteer hours

Logging volunteer hours is a very important piece of your time at High Hopes!  We use this information in a number of ways – to confirm volunteer hours for students, complete our annual report, provide volunteer awards, and write grants to secure funding for our program. More broadly, though, it is the primary mechanism to quantify your contribution to the organization (which as you can imagine is otherwise very difficult to define). We appreciate the time you take to report your hours and know that sometimes the system seems wonky. Below are some tips for accurate hours recording:

  • Your in/out time must be entered in the following manner: HH :MM AM/PM- sometimes the options that populate in the drop-down are NOT in this structure. If time is not entered this way, you will get a red error message that doesn’t really clarify what exactly you need to fix – usually, it’s the way time is entered.
  • Please make sure your AM/PM selections are correct – otherwise we might wonder if we have a time-traveling volunteer who came in the afternoon and left in the morning! 
  • Time in/out cannot be the same.
  • Activity selection options:
    • Office: Reception, office projects such as filing, mailings, or phone calls
    • Facility: Helping in the paddocks, fixing fence posts, mechanical work
    • Program: Barn assistant, ELP coach, SW, Leaders, CD Headers, ABW 
    • Feeder: AM or PM feeders
    • Special Event: Gala, Holiday Market
    • Other: Anything that falls outside the other choices
  • If you volunteer in numerous capacities during one “shift”, such as feeding 8-10 then leading 10-11, please enter BOTH to ensure your contributions are tracked accurately. 

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