Board Papers, Meeting Materials and Minutes, Trustees

Board Meeting Minutes – April 2021

High Hopes Board of Trustees Meeting
Wednesday April 28, 2021 via Zoom

Board Members Present: Barbara Willkens, Debbie Welles, Mac Mummert, Gary Rogers, Jackie Kangley, Jane Bolles, Jeff Ridgway, John Catlett, Nancy Bulkeley, Peter Watt, Robin Schonberger, Sarah Canning, Sarah Keenan, Todd Machnik, Scott Douglas, Gregory Varga, Vicki Newton

Excused Absences: Hannah Childs, Mark Fader Directors Present: Kitty Stalsburg, Lesley Olsen, Sara Qua, Holly Sundmacker,
Sarah Miller

Chair Update, J. Kangley
Planning on Board Meeting venue changes, critter rock or elsewhere.
Mac and Jackie contacting all for Kitty’s planned review.

MOTION: To approve the consent agenda. Approved

Executive Director Report, K. Stalsburg
Media Notes
Lyme/Old Lyme Neighbor magazine article about High Hopes with rider Highlight and mention of Tail Gate event/
Regional conference awards to Dr. Barrett and Lauren Fitzgerald
Article in Strides Magazine
International podcast recently
Path Newsletter mention
BottleItUp campaign mentioned High Hopes during ad for their end of May recycle drive.
71% of Staff fully or partially vaccinated.
Ongoing reform of Covid guidelines customized for High Hopes.
Last quarter saw lots of activity with budget prep and managing 3rd Quarter results.
Leslie secured full forgiveness for one PPP Loan of those secured.
Staff reviews completed – staff deserves credit for having demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in the prior months.
Horse Show Days May 22 – May 28th. Board is encouraged to participate and to visit program classes during the month.
Discussion of Volunteer Appreciation Month.
General Thank you to trustees for all of their work.
DEI training is ongoing, and interested Board members are encouraged to participate in webinars throughout the year.
S. Miller reported on 3rd Quarter and reviewed the in-person workshops and webinars. Interest in HH is becoming more international.

Finance and Treasurer’s Report

Dashboard Results Cash – $463,723
Accounts Payable – $17,378
Accounts Receivable – $11,365
Portfolio Balance – $ 6,356,815

S. Douglas:
Condition of finance situation is all positive – financials are as strong as ever. All due to well-managed numbers – things will only get better as participants return.

L. Olsen:
Entire Staff is to be commended on meeting and beating the Budget.
Plenty of cash.
Participants are keeping current with payments.
Potential for Budget Change
New London School Districts haven’t yet committed.
In-person events unknown
HH won’t be filling Volunteer Coordinator at this time although it will be first position to be reinstated.

Building and Grounds, H. Sundmacker

Discussion of anticipated expenses with saving potential.
Discussion of capital expenses.

MOTION: To approve the proposed budget for 2021-2022. Approved

Development Report, P. Watt

Appeal @ $260,000.
Unrestricted Operating Funds.
Response to Corporate Sponsorship – $140,000 most ever.
Tickets for Tail Gate on-line this week.
Auction looking strong.
Need 100% participation from Board in Annual Appeal.

Development SWOT Activity
Using Fundraising as a topic of discussion, Peter introduced the exercise of identifying as critical Development activity;
Strengths – developments that are strong.
Weaknesses – the opposites.
Opportunities – often played off weaknesses.
Threats – posed by outside world.
Discussion followed utilizing White Board to identify and react to strengths, weaknesses, etc. Enabled a greater Board participation through white board activity for the SWOT exercise.

Governance Committee, S. H. Canning

Review of proposed trustees for Class of 2024
First 3 year – Maris Wacs, Natalie Yonker
Second 3 Year- Gary Rogers, Greg Varga
Third 3 Year – John Catlett and Jackie Kangley

Proposed Officer Slate 2020-2021
Chair, Mac Mummert
Vice Chair of Development, Peter Watt
Vice Chair, Vicki Newton
Secretary, Nancy Bulkeley
Treasurer, Scott Douglas

MOTION: To approve the proposed slate of Trustees and Officers for 2021-2022. Approved

Other Business
Discussed data breach security and insurance.
June Board Meeting, June 23rd, outside? Combine Board Meeting with Legacy Event? Zoom option?

Meeting Adjourned 6:30

Vicki Newton, Secretary

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