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Board Meeting Minutes – June 2022

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding
Board of Trustees Meeting
Hybrid Meeting, Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Meeting called to order at 5:00 PM.

Members Present: J. Kangley, S. Douglas, J. Ridgway, D. Welles, J. Bolles, J. Catlett, S. Hill-Canning, S. Keenan, M. Mummert, G. Rogers, G. Varga, P. Watt, N. Yonker
Absent Excused: M. Fader, T. Machnik, V. Newton
Absent Unexcused: R. Schonberger
Guests: L. Doering, P. Tandon, L. Potts
Staff: K. Stalsburg, L. Olsen, S. Miller, M. Krumenacker, C. Gadrow, H. Sundmacker
Chair Update:
M. Mummert welcomed attendees and guests.

Motion: To approve the consent agenda and committee minutes previously submitted. Approved.

M. Mummert indicated that this is the annual meeting of the Board which is an opportunity to celebrate the organizational successes over the past year. In particular, an opportunity to recognize individuals via an awards ceremony.
The Lytt Gould Leadership Award was presented to Jackie Kangley in recognition of her many years of dedicated support to High Hopes in a myriad of ways.
Event Volunteer of the Year Award was given to Maris Wacs for her extraordinary effort on behalf of the auction.
Sally Aubrey Award was given to Alison Zack Darrell at the recent Legacy event in recognition for her many years of service as a volunteer beyond her years as a staff member.

Governance Report: S. Hill-Canning reported on Governance. Sarah recognized outgoing Trustee, Jane Bolles. Jane was recognized for 19 years as a Trustee, leadership on the Program Task Force, and her role as a parent advocate. The Slate for the Class of 2025 was presented and approved at the April Board Meeting. The resignation of Nancy Bulkeley following that meeting and subsequent election of Sarah Hill Canning was reported. K. Stalsburg expressed gratitude to Sarah for stepping into the role of Secretary. Sarah welcomed new Trustees, L. Potts, L. Doering and P. Tandon.
The Officers for 22-23 were acknowledged.

Officer Slate 2022-2023
Chair – Mac Mummert
Vice Chair – Vicki Newton
Vice Chair of Development – Peter Watt
Secretary – Sarah Hill Canning
Treasurer – Scott Douglas

Executive Director Report: K. Stalsburg introduced and welcomed new staff who spoke briefly. Kitty acknowledged the staff for their hard work and flexibility over the past year. Staff reports include yearend highlights presented as progress in the current Strategic Plan. (See PowerPoint).  Expected outcomes will be reported on quarterly and expanded as needed.

Treasurer’s Report: S. Douglas reported that the success this year is due to the organization’s flexibility
and the staff’s ability to respond quickly to changes in the business environment with strong revenue
and expense management.
Current Finance Metrics as of 6/21/22
Portfolio – $5,845,032
Accounts Receivable – $5,582.
Accounts Payable – $30,655
Cash in Hand – $390,692

Overall we are in a very strong financial position with year end projections approximately $300,000 over

Development Report: P. Watt and C. Gadrow provided an update on Development activities. Kudos
and appreciation for the leadership of Hues of Hope. Final numbers are still pending but projections are
strong for this event coming in well over budget. Many thanks to the entire Development Team and
Event Manager, T. Burgess, who worked diligently to run a successful, new event. Additional discussion
regarding the event will take place at the AAR next week. The next event is the Holiday Market which
will be in person again with an on line component. Leadership for this event was discussed and June is
Leave a Legacy Month. C. Gadrow discussed trends and planned giving opportunities.

Other Business:
Motion: To approve the Standing Committee Chairs: Peter Watt – Vice Chair of Development; Scott
Douglas – Chair of Finance; Sarah Hill Canning – Chair of Governance. Approved

Other committee Chairs:
HRAC – Deb Welles
Building and Grounds – Todd Machnik
Program Task Force – Sarah Keenan and Maris Wacs
June Event 2023 – Rachel Edwards and Nancy Lucas
Volunteer Task Force – TBD

Open Houses will be taking place between orientations to provide increased opportunities for interested
individuals to learn about High Hopes. Volunteer team is looking at processes and increasing outreach
efforts. M. Wacs encouraged all Trustees to attend trainings and consider volunteering in program.
New Trustee Orientation is scheduled for July 18th. All are welcome. The next Board Meeting is
scheduled for September 28, 2022. The proposed meeting dates for 22-23 have been distributed.
Agenda ideas included hearing more about Development, Horses and Volunteers. Board Goals for 22-
23 were discussed;
Initiation of our next Strategic Plan with the formation for Strategic Planning Task Force. Please let Mac
or Kitty know if you are interested in being on that committee.
Providing DEI Updates and additional actions
100% Board Engagement and participation in areas of donor cultivation

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm


Kitty Stalsburg
Secretary pro tem

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