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Continuing Education Units at High Hopes

To maintain compliance as a PATH Intl. Certified Professional, documentation of a minimum of 20 continuing education hours must be obtained during a 12 month period to include core requirements as defined below.

Types, limits & conversions

  • DE Disability Education Minimum
    6 hours (no maximum) 60 min = 1 DE
  • CR Certification Core Requirement
    Minimum of 2 Hours per certification 60 min = 1 CR
  • CE General Continuing Education
    No minimum or maximum requirement 60 min = 1 CE
  1. General Continuing Education Hours (CE) are defined as any allowable continuing education hours that do not fall under Disability Education (defined below) or Certification Core Requirements (defined below).
  2. Minimum of 6 hours of disability education. Disability education (DE) is defined as educational activities that provide the student with greater understanding of the physical, social, cognitive and/or behavioral impacts experienced by individuals with disabilities, mental health disorders or emotional trauma.
  3. Minimum of 2 hours of Core Education relevant to each certification held: Certification Core Requirements (CR) is defined as the specific type of continuing education hours that one must obtain to stay compliant with each certification held.

Visit the CEU Guidelines webpage on the PATH Intl. website to learn what applies as Disability Education.


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