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Board Meeting Minutes – September 2021

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding
Board of Trustees Meeting
Hybrid Meeting, Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Attendees: J. Bolles, N. Bulkeley, S Canning, J. Catlett, S. Douglas, J. Kangley, T. Machnik, M. Mummert, V. Newton, J. Ridgway, G. Rodgers. M. Wacs, P. Watt, N. Yonker

Absent: Excused H. Childs, G. Varga

Guests: Staff: K. Stalsburg, C. Bourn, L. Olsen, H. Sundmacker


Board Chair call meeting to order at 5:00

  • Board Chair Update
    • Thank you to everyone who helped the transition into the Chair role, especially Jackie. H. Childs has indicated the need to step down from the Board and will send a written resignation.
    • As a Board we are transparent, opinions are important, open and robust conversations and views are valued
  • Motion: To approve the consent agenda and committee minutes previously submitted. Approved
    • Canning stated that the Governance Committee not firm
    • Board Goals were discussed.
      • Initiated new Strategic Planning process – Catlett, R. Schonberger and M. Fader expressed interest in this.
      • 100% Board participation in the Annual Appeal
      • Support the new Chief Development Officer
    • Please send agenda and meeting materials out well in advance of all committee meetings.
  • Executive Director Update:
    • Volunteer Coordinator Position – search continues.
    • Search Committee in round 4 of interviews for CDO
    • Kitty working with communication/marketing. Vendor contracts redone
    • Academic program is underway
    • Went over committee goals.
  • Program Presentation
    • Chelsea – Please refer to Power point presentation distributed to board who attended in person. Presentation will be emailed to board on zoom.
  • Finance
    • Budget in good position. PPP helped
    • Market strong – endowment in strong position
    • Receive first draft for audit
  • Development
    • Holiday Market – in person. Have a full complement of vendors/food trucks. Sponsorship slow. Board members will receive 3 raffle tickets to sell for the Horse Chips.

Fall Initiatives are underway and on time

  • Asked the Board for ideas for a Cultivation event
  • Facility and Equine
    • Outdoor arena needs footing replacements
    • Holly – update on HVAC upgrade. Holding up on increasing herd. Looking for someone with experience with mechanical skills and helping with mowing

Respectfully submitted

Nancy Bulkeley, Secretary

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