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Inside the Equus Effect

at High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center
January 6-8, 2018

Equus Effect Co-founders, David Sonatore, LCSW and Jane Strong, ESMHL, are offering their course for ESMHL Professionals, Therapeutic Riding Instructors, EFP practitioners and men and women with an interest in learning more about mental and emotional resilience.
They believe that in order to serve veterans, people in recovery and men and women who have endured various forms of physical and emotional trauma in their lives, it is essential for prospective practitioners to experience this work for themselves. As they like to say, “You need to live it, to give it.”
Toward this end, they  are offering a three-day introductory course called “Inside The Equus Effect” that will give participants first hand experience with this sophisticated, structured and comprehensive program designed to help clients build successful and authentic relationships that provide the foundations they need to succeed and find satisfaction in life at home and in their communities.


The course includes:
–    Why Horses? – An introduction to the Wisdom of the Prey

  • Somatic Experiencing Tools – for self regulation, self management and emotional resilience
  • Teachable exercises based on Natural Horsemanship Techniques
  • Emotional Agility – a didactic, emotional management piece based on the work of Karla McLaren and Linda Kohanov (Founder at Eponaquest and author of The Tao of Equus, Riding Between the Worlds and The Power of the Herd)
  • Experiential Learning around our four principles – Resonance, Connection, Collaboration and Resilience — through our take-home-tools.

Inside The Equus Effect is intended to stand on it’s own for personal development, as well as to be a pre-requisite for participation in The Equus Effect Training program.  This next phase is intended for ESMHL graduates, counselors in the mental health field and to others who wish to work with veterans, residents at treatment facilities and others in transition (i.e. at-risk youth, cancer survivors, etc.)


Logistics- Cost- Timing

This course is open to 20 participants and will be held at High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center
Course dates:  January 6-8, 2018  from 10 AM- 5-PM
Cost:  $750/person


Through this prerequisite course for The Equus Effect Facilitator Training, participants will learn whether or not they wish to/are ready for work with these populations in a sophisticated, successful and effective curriculum that works.
Note:  In 2013, they saw 21 veterans.  As of 2017, they have worked with over 200 and have contracts with two treatment centers in CT.  They  are now delivering the same curriculum in Old Lyme, CT, MA, NY, MD and Denmark.

For more information

For more information and for workshop format & schedule, please visit: or call:  Jane Strong at:  860.364.5363

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