Board Papers, Meeting Materials and Minutes, Trustees

Board Meeting Minutes – September 2020

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding
Board of Trustees Meeting via Zoom
September 30, 2020

Meeting called to order 5:00

Members Present: P. Watt, J. S. Douglas, V. Newton, J. Bolles, N. Bulkeley, J. Catlett, S. H. Canning, M. Fader, S. K. Keenan, T. Machnik, M. Mummert, J. Ridgway, G. Rogers, R. Schonberger, G. Varga, D. Welles, B. Willkins
Absent Excused: J. Kangley,  H. Childs
Peter Watt, chairing for J. Kangley, brought meeting to order

Motion: To approve the committee minutes and consent agenda.  Approved

Executive Director Report, K. Stalsburg

  • Operational mode with participants returning mindful of expectations
  • 70% opening
  • Training and education workshop ongoing
  • Two reports of outside exposure to Covid and those students were quarantined and followed recommended procedure
  • Making additional plans for inclement weather and indoor classes
  • Next phase questions remain regarding growth and alterations of existing programs
  • Continued strategic planning evolving including collaborations including Lyme Youth Services and Horses Healing Humans, VETS program
  • Continued need for volunteers, training is ongoing

Motion: John Catlett proposed as Board Member at Large on the Executive Committee. Approved

K Stalsburg awarded the Sally Aubrey Award to Michael Fanelli for his commitment of 15 years providing many services including photography, communication and annual report assistance.

Finance Committee Report –
Cash in local banks $403,861 (includes PPP Loan of $152,000.)
Accounts Payable $950.00
Accounts Receivable $8,783 (potential for $34,468 in refunds)
Portfolio Balance $4,524,427


    • Considerations remain for future and financial obligations.
    • Competition for donations due to Covid.
    • Need to consider 25-30% reduction in organization so if it comes to that, we will be ready. Optimistic, yet realistic.


  • Staff being cautious regarding spending and budget being trimmed to accommodate the situation
  • Monthly report will be added to Board page for review of financial situation
  • In good shape at this time – market stabilized and participants are paying up front and being responsive to obligations. More people applying for financial aid since COVID.


Jeff Ridgway, presentation – Lytt Gould Leadership Award to Jane and Keith Bolles for their passionate participation since 1995 as board members and as generous donors both individually and through their business as well.

Development Report – S. Qua

  • Participation requested for letter notes – more important than ever to stress some return of normalcy
  • Restricted operating funding due to COVID

Virtual Holiday Market (B. Willkens)

  • 35 vendors last count
  • Letter for corporate sponsors went out Social media promotion by Julia Balfour

Gala Event (B. Willkens and R. Schonberger)

  • New outdoor “drive-in, tailgate” format in the works
  • Band, Sugar, with stage as well as big screen projection
  • Virtual auction/Scholarship
  • Safety regulations will be followed
  • Suggestion (Greg) that infectious disease expert be consulted prior to event for specific information for the protection of all health-wise and legally

Discussion of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Working with Jamal Jimerson, Thought Partners
  • Working toward growing diversity for greater understanding and improved trust
  • Working to represent and reflect our true community in our staff, leadership, culture and policies
  • Will have session with Board and Staff in the future, date not announced at this time

Building and Grounds – T. Machnik

  • Brief report with only immediate activity being reconsideration of installation of led lights

Meeting adjourned 6:20, P. Watt


Vicki Newton, Secretary

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