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'Named Funds'

Recognition through specific

Named Funds

Riding Center (Main Building) at High Hopes
$2,000,000 – 1 available

A donor at this level will have the opportunity to name the main building at High Hopes.

The Leadership Succession Fund
$350,000 – 1 available

This fund would enable High Hopes to successfully fund the development, training, and transition of new employees in executive level positions.

Program Development Fund
$1,500,000 – 1 available

This fund supports the development and implementation of new initiatives that address emerging mental health, physical and emotional special needs. Examples of recently developed initiatives include the Horses and Healing Program which supports individuals with mental health challenges and the Horse Sense Program which works with schools and social service agencies to serve youth-at-risk.

Veterans Services Program
$350,000 – 1 available

This fund supports specific programs that High Hopes develop to serve both active and retired military service personnel and their families, such as the Equus Effect, Vet Kids and the Veterans Volunteer Program.

Education Society/School Fund
$350,000 – 10 available

This opportunity may be divided into the primary school districts that High Hopes is active in and may be named for specific school districts (i.e. Lyme/Old Lyme).

Summer Camp Programming
$350,000 – 1 available

This fund provides funding that supports the operational and financial aid needs for High Hopes’ inclusive summer camp program, which serves children with and without special needs.

Horse Sense Program
$350,000 – 1 available

High Hopes’ Horse Sense Program serves youth at risk by providing them with an enriching equine experience that promotes teamwork, improved communication and trust building.

Carriage Driving Equine Therapies Program
$350,000 – 1 available

The High Hopes Carriage Driving Program provides individuals who are unable to ride with the benefits and joy of participating in a fulfilling equine assisted activity.

Named Endowed Scholarship Fund
$350,000 – multiple

Despite underwriting eighty percent of the true cost of every participants’ lesson, over half of these individuals will require additional financial aid.  Creating a named endowed scholarship fund ensures that all who can benefit from equine assisted activities are able, regardless of the financial circumstances.

Outdoor Arena
$250,000 – 1 available

The High Hopes Outdoor Arena is used year round and is the main venue for High Hopes’ Annual Horse Show Week.

Garden Fund
$100,000 – 1 available

The peaceful and well-maintained, landscaped grounds surrounding High Hopes are appreciated by participants, volunteers and their families year round.

Sensory Trail Fund
$100,000 – 1 available

Spending time on outdoor trails is an important part of every participants’ lesson. Besides providing an important connection to nature, the High Hope trails have numerous activity stations that benefit a participant’s cognitive and physical needs.

Named Endowed Operations Fund
$50,000 – 10 available

The donor will have the opportunity to have a “Named Fund” in the endowment. This permanent recognition will honor the commitment of the donor to the long-term growth and stability of High Hopes.

Equine Support Funds
$50,000 – unlimited

The funds support the on-going care, special needs, purchase and retirement of our equine partners.

Herd Wish-List Fund
$25,000 – 10 available

Every year there is a special need that must be met to ensure the well-being and safety of the herd – a new run-in shed for the horses in the Yellow Paddock, a fitted saddle for a new member of the herd or the replacement of stall pads in the barn. This fund ensures that our herd’s wishes and needs are met.

*All named gifts will convey naming rights to the donor for a period of twenty-five years.
**High Hopes is seeking unrestricted gifts for its endowment. Donors’ that would like to restrict their gift must indicate their intent at the time of the donation. Memorializing a specific fund or structure does not automatically convey a restricted gift.


What is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is established by an organization to allow for annual withdrawals from the interest raised on the invested capital. An endowment is funded by donations which are tax-deductible for donors and may take a variety of forms – cash, stocks or bequests to name a few. The principal and any restrictive covenants on its use are protected in perpetuity; withdrawals are taken from the interest portion only. The benefit of an endowment is it provides long-term security to the organization and ensures financial sustainability, especially in challenging economic times. With the demand for our services consistently on the rise and current financial obligations expected to consistently increase, it is important now, more than ever, that we plan for the future of High Hopes, its participants, and their families, by growing our endowment.

Why is High Hopes embarking on an Endowment Campaign?

Community support is essential to the ability of High Hopes to meet the evolving needs of our community, respond to the uncertain economic climate with which we are faced, and best serve those who have come to rely upon High Hopes as a means of improving their quality of life. A successful endowment campaign will offer our organization greater freedom and flexibility when working to address the needs of the many we already serve as well as those who are consistently referred to our program by lessening the financial burden of our leadership and allowing them to focus on the truly important work of equine assisted activities & therapies.

How was the dollar amount of the campaign determined?

Before launching this campaign, High Hopes engaged the services of an independent philanthropy consulting firm, The Giving Collaborative, to help us determine a realistic fundraising goal. This goal was set based on our needs, objectives, and past fundraising success. The Giving Collaborative considered our annual giving, past campaigns, and conducted approximately 40 confidential interviews with members of the High Hopes community to gauge the level of support there is for this initiative.

How will my gift make an impact?

Your gift will support the work currently going on at High Hopes and the future goals the organization has. Regardless of the amount, it will be significant to riders, volunteers, and families who participate in the various programs we offer.

Can I restrict my gift to a specific program or building in this campaign?

High Hopes is seeking unrestricted gifts for its endowment. Donors that would like to restrict their gift must indicate their intent at the time of the donation. Memorializing a specific fund or structure does not automatically convey a restricted gift.

Are the naming rights associated with published giving levels permanent?

All named gifts will convey naming rights to the donor for a period of twenty-five years.

Can I contribute assets other than cash?

Yes, donors may contribute stocks and other appreciated assets such as real estate or may make a planned gift. High Hopes will work with you to ensure all transactions are made as seamlessly as possible.

Can I pledge over a multi-year period?

Yes, you may pledge an amount for up to five years. Our team will work with donors to arrange a payment schedule that best fits your needs.

Is my gift over and above my annual fund and event contributions?

Yes, our goal is to raise unrestricted funds for our endowment fund. A robust endowment provides long-term financial stability to High Hopes enabling us to deliver the essential programs that we know will benefit our clients. We depend on annual giving and event giving to help fund our day-to-day operations. Please give in a manner which enables you to maintain or even increase your annual and event contributions while also supporting the long-term security of High Hopes through the endowment.

Can I make a memorial gift?

Yes, memorial or tribute gifts to honor a loved one may be made at any level. Naming opportunities are available for significant gifts. Named gifts will convey naming rights for a period of twenty-five years.

Can I make a planned gift?

Yes, a planned gift is a remarkable way to give to High Hopes while still maintaining a level of financial security for yourself and your family. A member of the High Hopes’ Development staff will be happy to work with you to arrange for this type of lasting gift.

Who should I contact for more information?

Kitty Stalsburg, Executive Director, High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Inc. 36 Town Woods Road, Old Lyme, CT 06371 or call +1.860.434.1974 x 113

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Outright Gifts

Most donors who pledge support to High Hopes Endowment will fulfill their commitments with monthly, quarterly or annual pledge payments of cash or marketable securities. For gifts of cash or stock, donors can receive a charitable income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the contribution paid within the tax year, provided they itemize deductions on their tax returns.


Cash is the most common and the easiest way to give. Personal checks made out to High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Inc. are always accepted, and taxpayers who itemize deductions can secure a charitable tax deduction. Contribution plans spread over time are welcomed and encouraged. The pledge is booked upon receipt and donors work with High Hopes Development Director to agree on a payment schedule. Pledge payment reminders will b sent according to the established schedule.


Gifts of appreciated securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds provide distinct tax advantages. The donor incurs no capital gains tax on appreciated securities given for charitable purposes. A gift of securities is easy to make, and donors receive a tax credit based on the fair market value of the securities donated.

Goods and Property

Gifts of tangible goods and property, including real estate, may be accepted depending on the nature and utility of the items. These donations are subject to prior approval by the High Hopes Executive Committee.

Life Insurance

Donors may make High Hopes the owner and beneficiary of life insurance policies. An existing policy yields a current charitable income tax deduction approximately equal to the cash surrender value. A paid-up policy yields a charitable tax deduction approximately equal to the policy’s replacement value (the exact figure is available from the issuing company). Whether it’s a new policy or an existing contract, donors continue to pay the premiums and take a charitable deduction for each additional premium payment.

Matching Gifts

Many companies match employees’ charitable contributions through a formalized matching gifts program. Donors are encouraged to contact your employer directly to see if you can make our gift to High Hopes go even further through a corporate matching gift.

Planned Gifts

Planned and deferred gifts (including bequests, charitable trusts, and others) enable many donors to make significant charitable gifts that may otherwise seem out of reach. Donors can make a valuable contribution to this campaign while taking advantage of federal and state tax levels that may allow for a reduction of income taxes, lower gift, and estate taxes, or provide lifetime income. Donors are strongly encouraged to speak with their financial advisor when considering a planned gift.

Charitable Bequests

A gift by will to High Hopes offers estate tax savings and creates a living legacy to ensure a stable future for High Hopes participants and their families. Older donors may make a gift of specific assets, a portion of their estate or their residual estate after payment of other gifts. Bequests are entirely free from federal estate tax and therefore offer substantial estate savings. Recommended bequest language for leaving a gift to High Hopes is available to donors considering such a gift.

Retirement or Pension Plans

These plans are treated as income to the beneficiaries when received and can result in significant taxes. By naming High Hopes as the beneficiary of a retirement or pension plan, no estate tax or income tax is owed on these plans.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A Charitable Gift Annuity: a contract between High Hopes and the donors. The donor transfers cash or negotiable securities in exchange for the promise of High Hopes to pay an annuity to the beneficiary for life or lives. The charitable gift annuity is treated as a general obligation of High Hopes and backed by all of its assets. High Hopes has an exemplary record in making timely payments to our annuitants, and that ongoing responsibility is a key element of our financial policies. Annuity rates based on the ages of the income beneficiaries. Charitable gift annuities pay a generous rate compared to today’s interest rate environment.
Deferred Charitable Gift Annuities: a donor can also create a deferred charitable gift annuity to begin payments at least one year and a day after creating the annuity. The annuity rate is greater the longer the donors defer the initiation of payments. This annuity can help with retirement planning.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable remainder trusts pay either a fixed percentage of the value of the trust (unitrust) or a fixed payment (annuity trust) annually for life or a term of years. Cash appreciated securities, real estate, and other assets can contribute to these trusts.

Charitable Lead Trusts

A charitable lead trust pays a current stream of income to High Hopes for a lifetime or a set number of years when it then reverts to the grantor of the trust of the grantor’s heirs. This payment can be set up as a percentage of the value of the trust or a fixed payment annually for life or a term of years. This trust can help reduce gift and estate taxes.

Please note that the above is for informational purposes only it is not legal or tax advice. Donors should consult their financial advisor before making a planned gift to High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Inc.

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