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High Hopes' Appeal


High Hopes’ appeal provides 26% of our operating budget each year.  Your contribution will support our riding program and ensure the ongoing sustainability of our operations, including care of our horses and scholarship support to financially disadvantaged participants.

Christopher's Perseverance

This Year's High Hopes' Appeal

Christopher is a five-year old, three-foot tall 50-pound powerhouse who keeps everybody on their toes during his weekly riding session. We chose to profile Christopher for our annual report and appeal not just for his infectious smile (which is pretty captivating) but because we feel his relationship to High Hopes exemplifies many of the qualities that are the underpinnings of our mission. These qualities have sustained our growth over the past 40 years and guide us as we look towards the future.

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Sustaining Hope

Your Contribution to High Hopes is Critically Needed

Christopher is one of 240 participants who come to High Hopes each week to ride, drive a carriage, or spend time in our unmounted equine learning program. High Hopes is a place where people like Christopher heal, learn, grow, and find unconditional acceptance. We strive to provide support for all of our participants, families, and caregivers.

Each year over 1,500 individuals are served by High Hopes Therapeutic Riding. Their ages range from a four year old diagnosed within the Autism spectrum, to a thirty year old Iraq

war vet, to an eighty year old with advancing physical and mental deterioration.

What they all share is the support they receive from you.

Caring for 27 horses on a 120 acre facility with a professional staff who are leaders in the field of therapeutic riding is costly. High Hopes relies heavily on volunteer manpower and in-kind donations to keep the costs low. But the reality is that High Hopes must subsidize 60% of the cost of every rider’s participation and this is met through contributed income.

To learn more about supporting High Hopes, please contact: Sara Qua, Director of Development (860) 434-1974, Ext. 122 or

High Hopes' appeal campaign provides 26% of our operating budget each year.

Contributors to High Hopes’ appeal are acknowledged in our Annual Report and receive a copy of our  newsletter, The High Hopes Rider, along with invitations to our special events, annual horse show, annual meeting and award ceremony and our summer benefit event.