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Our Horses

In addition to their special gifts, every member of our herd shares the ability to meet the exacting standards of a therapy horse. And, we hold ourselves to the same exacting standards of professionalism and kindness in caring for this very special herd.

Meet the Herd

Currently 25 strong, the High Hopes herd is characterized by the diversity of its horses. Each horse lends their own special talents to our program and must undergo a rigorous evaluation testing skills, temperament and tolerance. Our horses serve participants ages four to eighty-four in a broad variety of therapeutic activities requires horses with many unique qualities.


Horse Donations

Many of the horses in our programs have been donated to High Hopes.Working in an equine assisted therapy program is a mentally and physically challenging job for our equine friends. A great therapy horse is sound at the walk, trot and canter, with three rhythmic and balanced gaits.


Adopt a Horse

Your Adopt a Horse donation helps pay for hay, grain, shoes, supplements and medication.  Support a special member of our herd. Most of them receive special diets or treatment, so they require a little extra TLC.