Meet Howard!

Howard is one of our longtime volunteers beginning in 2003. Throughout the years Howard has helped each week as both a sidewalker and a front desk volunteer. He has consistently sidewalked with the same rider for many years. Howard is dedicated to her skill progression as well as their bond. If you listen in on a lesson you can hear then talk about pancake parties and how her new job is going.

Howard fondly remembers working with many of his riders throughout the years. “A number of years ago, I was working with a little girl. At the time the participants were asked to vote for the horse of the year. She turned toward me and said “Howard, if you were a horse I would vote for you.”

When asked about his experience at High Hopes, he states, “It has been very satisfying to see how the organization has grown and matured over a long period of time. High Hopes is a very well run, professional organization providing a vital service to those in need. In all the years I have been volunteering at High Hopes, I have never seen anyone be more kind, caring, patient and compassionate to the participants.”

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