Meet Nancy

For Nancy, the therapeutic impact of her time at High Hopes goes far beyond the emotional effects of sharing herself with horses, gaining confidence and learning a new skill– it is felt physically, resonating throughout her entire body.

For the past 13 years, our horses have aided Nancy in reaching her goals of gaining critically needed body strength and control. She has ridden astride a horse, in the saddle, and happily reaped the benefits of that physical activity. Now, she has moved onto a different kind of horse intensive challenge, working with instructor Lauren Fitzgerald and our carriage horses Candy and Blessing. Nancy has acquired a new skill as a driver, utilizing the motion of this activity to strengthen her body by helping her to gain and increase her core strength through shifting her weight and making use of the rigid surface of the carriage to balance herself. Nancy has also been working hard on holding the reins for the entire lesson, a task she is making great advances with, while at the same time expanding her hand eye coordination and dexterity.

Because of YOU, we have the resources to meet Nancy’s ever-changing physical and developmental challenges.

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