PATH Intl. Advanced Certified Instructor

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Becoming a PATH Intl. Advanced Certified Instructor

PATH Intl. offers three levels of Instructor Certification for therapeutic riding: Registered, Advanced, & Master. Each level has specific criteria included with the application materials. This certification is for the Advanced Level only. In order to become a PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor, you must successfully complete the Advanced Certification booklet and return it to High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. with a copy of your PATH Intl. membership card, and current copies of your CPR and First Aid Certifications.

Advanced Prep Workshop

This 3-day workshop will focus on providing a comprehensive review of PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor Criteria and will explore all aspects of the criteria through classroom discussion, hands-on learning, and teaching opportunities with current High Hopes participants.  This workshop will include many opportunities for discussion and candidate evaluation.


  • Participants must be PATH Intl. registered instructors with over 75 hours of instruction.
  • Participants must be secure riders at the walk, trot, and canter.

For more information, click here to email Sarah Miller.

Advanced Certifications


PATH Intl. Certified Instructors who wish to progress to the Advanced level must meet a specific set of criteria, and can be certified at the Advanced level through practical evaluations and written examinations at a PATH Intl. Advanced On-Site Certification.

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