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Board Meeting Minutes – April 2022

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding
Board of Trustees Meeting
Hybrid Meeting, Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Board Members Present: Mac Mummert, Jane Bolles, Jeff Ridgway, John Catlett, Nancy Bulkeley, Peter Watt, Sarah Canning, Sarah Keenan, Scott Douglas, Gregory Varga, Vicki Newton, Maris Wacs, Gary Rogers; T. Machnik

Excused Absences: J. Kangley, N. Yonker, R. Schonberger, M. Fader

Directors Present: Kitty Stalsburg, Lesley Olsen, Holly Sundmacker, Chelsea Bourn

Meeting called to order at 5:03 pm

MOTION: To approve Consent Agenda and Committee Minutes. APPROVED

Chair- M. Mummert
May 26th at 4 pm Legacy Garden Gathering
Board Members encouraged to attend Horse Show Days. May 21-27.

Executive Director Report, K. Stalsburg
June 22 is the Annual Meeting. We will be providing refreshments after the meeting. Staffing/recruiting volunteers has been challenging. There were five open positions with an initial slow response to advertising. The Volunteer Team currently has 2 full time managers and a consultant. New Volunteer Director will begin on 5/9/22. Channel 8 will be doing a piece on our need for volunteers. We recently hired a full-time instructor. We are slowly filling the vacant positions.
The result of a salary survey indicated that we need to make adjustments in ranges and the current hiring challenges have reinforced the need for competitive wages. Thank you to the Search Committee for their time has been a long process. We have a strong candidate for Development Director that we will be talking with. Thanks to Sara Qua for helping out.

Development Committee: P. Watt; K. Stalsburg
Grants and gifts have exceeded the budget and the Appeal is slow but on track. The Big Barn Bash, Corporate sponsorships are looking good. So far $90,000 committed with a goal of $110,000. Thank you to the Corp Sponsorship Committee – Gary and Nancy. The event is shaping up wonderfully. Auction items are fewer this year but very appealing. The auction will go live 3 weeks before the event. Kudos to Kitty, Kerry and Trudy for their work in fundraising in the absence of a Development Director.

Governance Committee, Sarah Canning
Slate of Officers and new board members presented.
MOTION: To approve the slate as presented. APPROVED
End of terms interviews were conducted for Mark, Sara, Mac, Jane and Todd. Positive feedback was provided. We are looking for new Board members. Future Trustee considerations continue to be parents who have children in programs.

Finance, Scott Douglas; Lesley Olsen
Q3 Results presented with key findings. Budget 22-23 was presented with key assumptions (see PPT)
As previously discussed, this deficit budget includes significant increases in wages and benefits. The 3.25 increase in new hires as well as salary adjustments were presented. Discussion supported the need to invest in staff both the overall number as well as to maintain competitive salaries.
MOTION: To approve the 22-23 Budget APPROVED
2022-23 will be a transitional year
Mac thanked Leslie for the professional budget presentation.

Programs, Jane Bolles
The need for feeder volunteers has been met with renewed focus on this area. Advertising has helped with recruiting new volunteers. May 4th is the next volunteer orientation
May 5th Ben & Jerry sales to benefit High Hopes. It will be important to increase the cross training Volunteers. Another Veterans program will be conducted this summer.
90% of the summer program is heavy on uncounted activities.

Building and Grounds, Holly Sundmacker
The board acknowledged Holly for all she does with maintaining the buildings and grounds and managing the on-going projects. B & G needs new members and is working on recruitment.
Next projects include the redo of the outdoor arena; Ways to improve recycling

The following work has been completed:

Roof Replacement on house
HVAC upgraded
Waiting for replacement window to be completed
Smaller Project – Duck River Garden Club to help a create a pollinator in the Legacy Garden

Human Resources, Deb Wells
April 12th was their last meeting where the budget was discussed.
The Committee supports the need for adjusting salary ranges and hiring additional staff. There will be increased focus on maintaining range accuracy in the future.
Future plans include a team development retreat for staff.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm

Nancy Bulkeley, Secretary

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