Facility Manager

Position Purpose

Provide quality care and maintenance for the facility and grounds.

Organizational Relationships

Reports to Operations Director

Resources Managed (budget and FTEs)

Part time hourly position

Primary Duties

  • Manage maintenance of all facilities, farm equipment and vehicles
  • Maintain records for and testing of mechanical systems including public water supply to meet local and state requirements
  • Manage facility needs relating to special events
  • Recommend facility improvements and manage capital improvement projects

Training & Education Required

Property and equipment management expertise

Prior Experience Preferred

  • Facility, ground and equipment maintenance
  • Hands on repair skills


  • Highly organized
  • Effective communication skills

Detail / Comments (specific skills, etc.)

  • Manages independent contractors
  • Interacts with staff, volunteers and community regarding and facility information

Letters of inquiry and resumes may be submitted to

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