Barn Manager

Position Purpose

Provide quality care and maintenance for the horses and farm.

Organizational Relationships

Reports to Operations Director; supervises Equine Resource Manager, barn staff, volunteers and Caretaker; Interacts with services team.

Resources Managed (budget and FTEs)

Full time salaried exempt position; Manages equine care budget area.

Primary Duties

  • Provide quality health care and ongoing maintenance for all horses
  • Ensure equine resources effectively support programming through evaluation and training of current and prospective equines
  • Provide and promote positive volunteer interactions through recruitment, training and retention
  • Interact with equine community and prospective horse donors to recruit equine resources
  • Manage horse retirement from program and subsequent placement
  • Procure and maintain tack for all equine programs including selection and fit
  • Ensure pastures, barn and program usage areas are safely maintained and meet the needs of the organization
  • Assist in maintenance of all farm equipment and vehicles

Training & Education Required

Equine management expertise (BS or equivalent experience)

Prior Experience Preferred

  • Strong familiarity with equine needs specific to EAAT
  • Direct equine care experience


  • Highly organized
  • Effective communication skills

Specific Skills

Interacts with staff, volunteers and community regarding horse resource and farm information.

Letters of inquiry and resumes may be submitted to

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