Meet Carol!

Meet Carol! Carol has been a dedicated volunteer at High Hopes since 2013. Since 2013 she has volunteered over 400 hours! She began volunteering as a sidewalker and eventually transitioned to a front desk volunteer. Although she no longer sidewalks, she has fond memories of her riders. “When I was a sidewalker, we had a child rider who had autism and never spoke. After 6 months at High Hopes, on the last day of class, he suddenly spoke for the first time. Everybody cried.”

Since beginning as a front desk volunteer, Carol has been devoted to her new role and is trusted to help with a variety of tasks that helps the program staff. She, along with other front desk volunteer’s help with reminder calls for upcoming volunteer training’s. She also helps to assemble the volunteer training material. She says she loves “meeting the courageous parents and children…Many have such an upbeat attitude and love coming there. The general atmosphere of High Hopes is so positive and uplifting!” She is always there to help when there is a new participant or volunteer. She kindly directs them in the right direction and makes sure each week after to greet them with a smile.

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