Meet Pam!

Meet Pam! Pam has been volunteering at High Hopes for just under one year. Within that time, Pam has taken every opportunity to help out in as many roles as possible. She has helped as a sidewalker, leader, in the barn, and with unmounted activities.

When asked what her favorite memory is, Pam responded “That’s a hard question to answer but I guess I’d say one of my 1st days as a side walker. I was helping a young boy who is nonverbal. His mom explained to me that he had a very hard time when anyone tried to put his helmet on and would sometimes scream. I sat and just tried to talk with him with the helmet in my hand, I then slowly put the helmet on him and kept talking the whole time! His helmet was on, with no fuss! His mother couldn’t believe it! We had an understanding, I think! When the parents asked to have me with him again for the next semester, it was the best feeling! I was sad to see the semester end as I felt a bond with him! I have to add that all of the horses are amazing as well! I know it’s a difficult procedure to work with the horses and be able to choose the “right horse”! It’s just ALL GOOD!”

“I truly believe that I get more out of it than the kids! To give back is so rewarding! I plan on being here as long as I can! And, I also get to be around horses and many wonderful, caring people! It is really an amazing place! I have always wanted to volunteer here, I just wish I didn’t wait so long! I have met so many truly amazing people and kids! It’s really a top notch place! And I’ve also bonded with a few special horses!!! Try it… you’ll be so glad you did…”

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